A Christian Music Guide

A Christian Music Guide

Music forms an integral part of all communities and religions Christian music is no exception to that Christian music primarily consists of the music played and sung in churches for the purpose of worshipping and praising the Lord Christian music has different forms and has a different name for each form However Christian music also conforms to the music outside the regular church service

The various forms of Christian music include anthem antiphon cantata chant chorale hymn mass motet plainsong carol and oratorio

An anthem is a song sung with a religious or political significance having a meaning itself An anthem can be sung in church or any other place with or without any other companions By Christian terminology it often denotes a song sung for praising loyalty An antiphon is sung after the narration of a psalm or canticle in response to it A cantata is performed primarily by a group of people who sing in the church and are known as the choir However a cantata can also comprise of solo performances accompanied by musical instruments A chant is a repeated utterance of short and simple words or syllables sung in the same tone and melody

A chorale is a German hymn known to be much more simpler than the English ones They came into existence to replace the plainsongs in order to be sung to announce the congregation participation in the liturgy A hymn is sung as note of thanksgiving devotion and praise towards the lord almighty A mass is sung to celebrate public celebrations mostly in the Roman Catholic Churches and a few Protestant Churches A motet comprises of the sacred text mostly from the Bible and is usually sung alone without any companion Any Christian song sung without the restrictions of meter are known as plainsong Often plainsong is also sung alone A carol usually celebrates joy and celebration such as the Christmas carols They are accompanied with dancing and loud singing in groups An oratorio is a musical composition accompanied with orchestra and chorus depicting a sacred tale without any kind of stage enactments

The Christian music has evolved over the years keeping in tact its tradition and customs and yet giving way for the contemporary Christian music largely influenced by the secular music The music from the different gospels along with the Christian Country Music is the most popular forms of music in the US

Christian Pop Music

Pop music is considered to be the short form of popular music Pop music generally appeals to the teenage and young section of the listeners It is mostly accompanied by electronic musical equipments and is characterized by a heavy rhythmic pattern The themes may include personal or loud group emotions although the most common and popular themes are derived from emotional or physical love themes

Christian pop music found its existence in the term Contemporary Christian Music in the year 1970 which was based on Christian Faith The music derived its root from the hippie Jesus Movement from which the genre of Jesus Music began In the early days Christian pop music consisted of folk pop songs depicting the artists belief and faith in Jesus Soon Christian pop music became quite popular and began being aired on various radio stations and sold in local stores Popular artists like Amy Grant Michael W Smith made the Christian pop music a flourishing Industry by 1980 when millions of their records started getting sold The early Christian pop music was divided into four main groups known as the separatist purist spiritually reflective and incidental positions Each group prophesied their own view in deciding the motive and themes of the pop music and composed music accordingly

Eventually this separate genre of music was opposed by some of the other artists who deviated from this genre to form other Christian music genres such as hip hop punk alternative metal etc Some of these artists include Lost Dogs Joy Electric etc In the present scenario however Christian pop music has fo

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