A Look At Leadership Psychology Essay

A Look At Leadership Psychology Essay

In a changing corporate world strong leadership is becoming necessity for their survival Bennis nanus1985Complexity and chaos are creating emerging concerns in solving problem in business world which leads more attention to leadership This in turn has increased arguments how leadership is different from management Management focus on responsibities and reaching goals effectively and efficiently which means it is the activities that keeps organization runningHuey1994However leadership is a role to influence others and guiding them to go in right direction to effectivenessBennis Nanus1985

Three skills required for managers to create success organization includes establishing direction motivating and inspiring people and aligning people Cohn1998This new leadership role it puts more pressure on leaders to deal effectively in an environment in which knowledge is an economic resource Knowledge includes explicit data and statistics as in history and tactic or inner sense These are considered as key skills of leaders White Hodgson Crainer 1996Self awareness is a foundation for tactic knowledge In the White et al1996 self awareness involves the leaders being aware of their strengths and weakness and ability to accept them Self analysis is a process of raising self awareness So the key thing here is to collect sufficient and efficient information to make effective decision on ones future for a self managed development By examining your strengths weaknesses skills and competences a person can get a clear picture of what you are and what you have got

Now a days self awareness has become an important management trait in leadership training Managerial self awareness is linked to effectivess of leaderships Managers needs to aware of the areas that needs improvement to do their job well

Asking feedback is an important element in this process Feedback is known to improve performances of the mangers by motivating to improve and directing to the strategies to improve performanceAshford Tsui1991The credible technique or the developmental assessments used these days are multirater feedback or360 feedback or multisource appraisal peer review and full circle feedback Church Bracken1997This involves a range of raters like peers coworkers team leaders self supervisors customers etc to provide feedback by filling a standard questionnaire The underlying reason to this technique is the improved accuracy that is obtained by asking a wide range of people This helps to improve future behaviour

However this was opposed by most traditional approach with only one rater that gives global and accurate results than having different rater groups having different way to rate a manager that leads to halo effect Borman1974Zalesny Lirch1989 Multi rater may not be 100 accurate People judge ones personality based on the role that they do and over the period they develop skills to suit the job Top of that behaviours are interpreted differently by different people

Another limitation on feedback is that sometimes the feedback will be difficult for a person to accept that might bridge a gap in relationship But these flattering feedbacks might help you increase management skills It helps to remain cognizant of how ones performance is perceived If the level of trust is high then people will give you flattering feedback It is seen that managers who seek negative feedbacks are in more favourable light than managers who are interested in obtaining negative feedbacks Impression management associated with active feedback seeking increases the perceives managers effectiveness Ashford Tui1991

Multi rater system takes over the self rating system as the way manager rates himself or herself is always biased and not reliable This is human tendency to take credit for success and blame circumstances for failures So the managers who are likely to access their competencies accurately are more aware of the jobs that they do They are able to visualise how others

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