A Report About Malaysia Architecture Essay

A Report About Malaysia Architecture Essay

I have chosen to write an essay on my country population growth and how it had change and how it affects the culture of my country In my essay I had included the background and the history of my country and also the reason why it had change and how its change for the past few years I also include my critical and original thinking regarding this topic

Malaysia Background and History

As a Malaysian I can safely say that Malaysia have a very interesting background and history Malaysia is known for it rich cultural history The rainforest and the wildlife in Malaysia are preserved from century Now days Malaysia also known for it cuisine world famous beaches and also Malaysia is famous among the tourist because of the different shopping mall that Malaysia have and the price of shopping in Malaysia is quite cheap Malaysia had been a tourist spot for so many years already and to cater to this tourist needs Malaysia has plenty of Resort that are offering a perfect gateway for tourist that would like to escape from the city life But its not just for the tourist sometimes the local also like to get away from the busyness of the city and routine life and just relax Malaysia is known also as the only country that has mixture of three different races such as Malay Indian and Chinese In Malaysia there are three different religions this is because in Malaysia they got three different races so the religion is also different Mostly Malay peoples they are Muslims Indians are Hindus while Chinese are mostly Buddhist So as you can see it a multicultural country and its a colourful country to live in because everyone regardless which race are you they intent to celebrate each other celebration Now I would like to briefly explain Malaysia history Malaysia gains their independent in 31st August 1957 Afterward subsequent states join Malaysia in 1963 and formed the country of Malaysia Malaysia Background 2002 Malaysian national language is Malay Its safe to say that Malaysia is a wonderful place not just to live but also to visit because Malaysia can offer you so many things

Culture in Malaysia

As mention earlier Malaysia is known for its culture and culture does play a strong foundation in everyday life of Malaysian Malaysia is vibrant and diverse in they own ways Malaysian people intent to share each others cultural richness and its had been Malaysia main political stability and growth Malaysian peoples are warm accommodating and a very easygoing people Malay culture had always been linked by the love of the land and a strongly believe in Islam Culture and Peoples 2010 Family ties tolerance goodwill and good manners are among the social norm of Malaysian people In Malaysia education level of Malaysian had a change toward the better in where new schools and subsidies for the lower income population are provided by the government and also a new infrastructure are provided in order to achieve the high level of education Culture and Peoples 2010 Also theres a different festival and celebration in Malaysia that we celebrate every year such as Hari Raya Aidilfitri for the Muslim Deewali for Hindu and Chinese New Year for the Buddhist National Day or Merdeka celebration are celebrate every year and normally all Malaysian will come together and celebrate them together with a colourful traditional performance foods firework and performance from the famous Malaysian artist

Population Growth in Malaysia

Malaysia Population 2009

As you can see on the graph above Malaysian population had growth however the population in Malaysia grow slowly There are not many different in each year For example in 1999 the population for Malaysia was 22712 million while in 2002 the population for Malaysia was 24527 million and in 2009 the population for Malaysia is 27761 million As you can see there are not much different between these years However throughout the year Malaysia population growth had grown

The reason of the population change How and Why

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