A Report On Health And Safety in Architecture

A Report On Health And Safety in Architecture

In simple terms health and safety is about identifying risks and eliminating or controlling them to stop accidents and occupational illhealth Today there is a high focus on safety in the industry Many companies have documented that the safety and well being of their workers and fellow human beings deserve the highest priority In history this is a major leap If one looks at the approach and many deaths during projects such as the great Chinese wall which is still measured to be the largest construction project to date the dive is visible

One ancient Chinese myth states that each stone in the great Chinese wall stands for a life gone during the walls construction Although no files are obtainable this myth may be nearer to fact than we would like to think Archaeologists have revealed thousands of bodies covert in the foundation of the wall Bodies were also used to make up the walls thickness It has been estimated that millions of workers lost their lives due to accidents strong physical labour hunger and disease This is in the order of size of a life per metre of wall length

Statistics from the UK Health and Safety Executive show that normally one or two people are killed every week as a effect of construction work Occupational illhealth which can build up over time accounts for further loss of life This fact sheet provides an foreword to health and safety best practice for construction companies and construction industry professionals clients and their advisors 22 million people work in Britains construction industry making it the countrys biggest industry It is also one of the most risky In the last 25 years over 2800 people have died from injuries they received as a result of construction work Many more have been injured or made ill

One in five construction sites failed health and safety checks during the latest national inspection proposal carried out by the Health and Safety Executive HSE Inspectors from Britains workplace regulator visited 1759 refurbishment sites during March and checked on how 2145 contractors were complying with health and safety regulationsOn 348 sites sufficiently grave risks were discovered to warrant enforcement action being taken either stopping work straight away or ordering improvements to be made Phil Hughes 2005



This paper investigates the existing safety measures at construction sites in Britain The review of literature touches on the importance of safety in the construction industry the types of construction hazards British Labour Law on the protection against occupational risks and industrial accidents construction site security etc The background of Britain is described a study of safety levels at construction sites is conducted through questionnaires Conclusions are made about the legal approaches to the regulation of occupational safety and health



To investigates the existing safety measures at construction sites Study the importance of safety in the construction industry the types of construction hazards industrial accidents construction site security etc Analysis the health and safety in British constructions

Objectives or Purpose of the study

To achieve the goal of this study it is needed to
Make a brief overview of all health and safety in the present construction industries
Analyse the ways in which these safety measures are using in various construction industries
Study on British construction industries and their way of using safety measures
Identify recent accidents occur at construction industries in Britain
Attempt a brief comparison between the difference in safety measures using in Britain and other developing countries
Suggest various ways to reduce accidents at construction sites by using safety measures effectively


Due to the current condition of

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