A Review of Chuck Jones Duck Amuck

A Review of Chuck Jones Duck Amuck

Chuck Jones Duck Amuck

Cartoons all across the Hollywood Studios at this time resembled those of Disney with their connection of editing and using an accelerating gag structure in their narrative But with these cartoons being considered as a comic fantasy genre animators could experiment with the medium Warner Bros were a big believer in this creating situations where their cartoon characters would talk to the audience or refer to the animator or studio executives These cartoons compared to Disney were very different the action was often more violent and faster paced changing the situations regularly Chuck Jones reached past expectation with his cartoons extending the limits and shocking the audience One of the greats being Duck Amuck where he used every bone in his body to create which is now known as one of the master pieces of animation using every element to create a 7minute film just using Daffy and the unseen animator By using these elements he was able to manipulate Daffy in any situation creating an expectancy with the audience that anything could happen next

Duck Amuck a cartoon subject to its own deconstruction The cartoons conventions are constantly challenged using the colour costume sound scenery and all the essential elements need to create the cartoon often without the awareness of the audience Daffys first appearance as a musketeer a cavalier waving his sword around with such confidence soon realises he has been betrayed by the animator that the background of the scene has disappeared and he as well as the audience is left uncertain to the context we were accustomed to Daffy rapidly drops character and addresses the camera reacting in a rather professional way as if he were a part of any liveaction movie and enthusiastically pushes the animator to carry on A farmyard scene is drawn although not what Daffy was expecting he continues on changing to suit the scene But once again as hes just about adjusted to the scene an arctic layout is displayed in the background Throughout the piece there is a constant battle between foreground and background and above all the relationship between the character and the forever changing environmental context All of Daffys actions are dominated by his reaction to the area he occupies Tensions like these help the basic structure of narrative in most cartoons With all the changes Daffys main thought is for the animator to make up his mind By using Daffys body each environment is shown through a number of iconic cultural illustrations the dungarees and the straw hat in the farmyard scene the grass skirt and banjo in the Hawaiian setting While the white space is defined as the empty context of the cartoon although there is unlimited space Daffys sense of awareness becomes isolated and helpless To make things worse he is then erased from the page where all that remains is his voice Chuck Jones intensions when he created his characters where for them to be recognized in any situation to exist as a body without a voice or a voice without a body Especially in this scene a programmed perception of Daffy as a character is known where he can be understood by any of his parts Perhaps the only element the animator is unable to get rid of is Daffys personality If this was to be taken the cartoon would no longer be a Daffy Duck picture Even though the elements are frequently altering and manipulated the audience is still able to recognise its a Daffy cartoon Daffy is shown as eager to please and entertain but is easily provoked and angered by any slight change and to top it off has a rather obsessive behaviour especially if he doesnt get his way Duck Amuck shows all his traits as a character through the use of his body and actions using the limitation of any control Daffy thought he had As the viewer it is easy to watch an animation and forget the effort applied to design the background scenery its almost insignificant Are attention is continuously on the characters and their actions Duc

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