A Study Of Occupational Health And Safety In Indian Construction Essay

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A Study Of Occupational Health And Safety In Indian Construction Essay


The main aim of the research is to study the impact of occupational health and safety in construction industry It will also aim at identifying the attitude of construction organisations as well as employees towards occupational health and safety in India To support the research survey questionnaire and a telephone interview was conducted It helped it achieving objectives of the research

The construction industry is a very dangerous industry The performance of the industry in occupational health and safety is very poor The standard of occupational health and safety is even worse in developing countries In Indian construction industry OHS has never been given prime importance Even though in India construction industry is significantly booming there are no proper initiatives undertaken by the government to implement OHS rules and regulations There are several initiatives taken by Government of India but they are still in their initial stages and need to be enforced

The employers are concerned about completion of project rather than focussing on improving OHS of their employees The industry has larger number of small and medium size firms and very few numbers of larger firms Smaller firms lack resources to comply with proper OHS procedures The workers are not provided with proper training and information about occupational health and safety hazards Lack of awareness on OHS subcontracting system use of traditional methods in construction lack of proper personal protective equipments low wages and labourdriven industry are some of the important factors that have their impact on occupational health and safety in Indian construction

The construction industry in developing as well as developed countries is one of the most significant industries in relation to the contribution to the GDP Rantanen et al 2004 Also it is having a significant impact on the health and safety of the people working in it According to Haupt as cited in Rowlinson 2004 the construction industry has a poor record in relation to the health and safety of its worker It is a known fact that workplace accidents are linked basically with unsafe behaviour There is a positive correlation between safety climate on construction sites and workers safe behaviour The attitudes of workers on construction sites toward health and safety are widely influenced by their perception towards risk health and safety rules and procedures management Mohamed and Ali 2005 According to Larcher and Sohail 1999 occupational health and safety is a highly important area of concern in developing countries where Acts related to safety rarely exist with weak regulatory authorities that finds it difficult to implement it effectively Also awareness towards occupational hazards is not at all or rarely perceived The other factors that affect occupational health and safety in developing countries are lack of statutory regulations and legislations to protect workers in construction sector standards maintained in corporate and government systems are low inadequate infrastructure and high labour intensity Mohamed and Ali 2005

Every year hundreds of accidents take place on construction sites resulting in severe injuries or even deaths It is matter of concern that the same type of work related deaths injuries and illnesses occur in the construction industries all over the world The working life of construction workers is curtailed by several years due to the exposure to occupational health and safety hazards The process of construction involves many hazardous activities such as working at height manual handling exposure to hazardous materials frame erection lifting operations scaffolding demolition works and groundworks Falls and manual handlings are the important risks associated with injuries and long term disability in the construction industry Gillen et al1997

11 Background study

According to study conducted by Holmes et al 1999 that the occupational health and safety risks a

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