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A Study Of The Role Of Material Culture Art Essay

This study explores the role of material culture in arts and design class at colleges in Singapore Normally students in a contemporary graphic design class face many difficulties particularly in interactive creation of arts and design Basically this study tends to identify and analyze the advantages of using material culture in a contemporary graphic design class Furthermore this paper also attempts to design an effective curriculum that will satisfy the needs of using material culture in a contemporary graphic design class

Concurrently graphic design schools today face everincreasing demands in their attempts to guarantee that students are well equipped to enter the workforce and navigate a complex world Research indicates that material culture can help support learning concerning culture and past histories and that it is especially useful in developing the higherorder skills of critical thinking analysis and scientific inquiry But the mere presence of material culture in the classroom does not ensure their effective use when it comes in adding validity and substance to graphic design study This study explores the various ways material culture can be used to improve how and what student learn in the classroom particularly in creative design and arts Moreover this paper pointed out the use of material culture as an effective learning tool in studying past history and culture is more likely to take place when embedded in a broader education reform movement that includes improvements in teacher training curriculum student assessment and a schools capacity for change

In this study the researcher investigated several variables that may influence the development and progress of students in different contemporary graphic design classes at colleges of Singapore These included perceptions of problem difficulty creative designing value of art and quality of work The researcher believes that enabling the students to use material culture aided by the procedure in graphic design will result in effective learning and understanding in creative design and provides quality design and art

This research will analyze and investigate the role of material culture and personal perception of the students in Singapore This shall include a discussion on the positive and negative variables related to material culture and contemporary graphic design an analysis of performance of the students in school in relation to material culture was also conducted Particularly the research will focus on examining the role of material culture in contemporary graphic design provided by the school instructorsadministrators Basically the results of the study will lead the researcher to the development and devise an effective curriculum in arts and design with respect to material culture in graphic design

Problem Statement

This researcher finds the necessity for a study that specifically tackles the effects of material culture in contemporary graphic design at Colleges in Singapore Specifically this study intends to explore the significant impact of this material to the Colleges in Singapore that are related in contemporary graphic design It will present the performance of the students by identifying weaknesses and inefficiencies and recommending solutions

Basically the problem of this study is about conventional methodology in teaching which used a dry lecturer is really dull and takes a lot of time to finish a modular or syllabus of each topic depending on lecturer capabilities skills availability mood and student indulgent of what their thought That is not effective for students to get an effective way to learn there is a need to get a new and effective approach since material culture may now touch the cultural and historical value of a certain art or design The purpose of using material culture in a contemporary graphic design class is to develop a better learning than conventional method in colleges but through the early resistance it emphasized

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