A Study On A Box Of Belongings Art Essay

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A Study On A Box Of Belongings Art Essay

In this contemporary era where everything changes rapidly people no longer relates themselves to just one disciplinary but crossdisciplinary In the process of transition the exchange of culture as well as information the experience that one has and the knowledge that one gains is almost an instant experience Often these instant experience and knowledge that one absorbs are incomplete due to the cutting short of information and overemphasizing on the main point which subsequently result in a losing gap in between the original information to what we received One might feel a sense of lost in time history memories and the lost in a sense of attachment consistency thus question our belonging where is our home How do we define belonging then Can our belonging be fixed

In chapter 1 of the paper I will discuss home as a metaphor of belonging an anchor point However in this contemporary era to name a place as the home that we belong can be superficial as the place that we belong are often not fixed What give us the sense of belonging then To discuss about belonging unavoidably we associate it to a space This

Dissertation paper discusses two kinds of space the tangible space and the intangible space Often Space as an abstract notion seems boundless we think of space as just air between one object and the other1 Space speaks more than just air molecules Space with boundaries can be seen as a form or a thing Space as an idea can be regarding individual perceptions which can be both conceptual and physical These individual perceptions can be seen as the collective memory through ones experience How do spaces give us a sense of belonging if our sense of space are often relate to the sense of place which are often unfixed Despite of the uncertainty of our sense of place what might give us a sense of continuity is probably the memory that were collected in the space which thus give us a sense of belonging Memories exists in the past present and future which thus creating a sense of continuity in a human existence timeline

Moving on from individual home to a nation Chapter 2 addresses the lost of memory in city due to the urban development in Singapore It will look into a brief history of Singapore Urban housing and city development the significant of building as a timemarker that give us the sense of belonging and how the constant construction and destruction of building and places resulted in the lost of fixed identity Is the lost of memory a lost of our belonging and identity or has it build a unique belonging and identity for Singaporean

As often been said our belonging and identity are often been cultivate through arts and culture In that sense our local museum thus holds an important role in cultivating preserving and passing on histories and cultural values to the masses As much as we perceive the knowledge and history in the museum as a fact passing through from generation to generation can the museum display and exhibition not be political constructed Hence even though Singapore government tried to preserve our local identity if we have ever or belonging through the form of arts and culture the belonging that we perceive is still a constructed identity Hence a paradox and it seems like our identity is always in a confusion Where do we belong

Chapter 1 Belonging Memory

Belonging has been expounded as a possession a member of a group such as a family a school and a nation ultimately belonging is about the relation of human being Through the relation with peoples group spaces and structure human being thus creates their own identity The sense of belonging and identity will also suggest a sense of security and stability Hence this sense of belonging becomes crucial in human life Often the sense of belonging has its relation associated with rootedness a sense of attachment towards a space an attachment to our home

For our house is our corner of the world As has often been said it is our first universe a real cosmo

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