A Study On Indoor Flower Arrangements Art Essay

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A Study On Indoor Flower Arrangements Art Essay

Arranging flowers can give peace of mind and can also lead to the attainment of patience and strength in adversity If only the first of these claims is correct how worthwhile it is to spend precious time in selecting flowers and putting them into a vase for the pleasure and delight of those who will enjoy them The pleasure and satisfaction that can be obtained from arranging a bowl of flowers would be difficult to express Here are a few roombyroom ideas for everyday decorating

Step inside

The atmosphere of a house is not only determined by its living quarters the reception area at the front door can also play a role Vestibule hall and stairway are the introducer of every home Here visitors receive their first impression of you So make these areas more welcoming and attractive An arrangement of vibrant blooms such as Sada Bahar or Bougainvillea a floral swag at the front door makes a memorable first impression

Flowers for the kitchen

The kitchen is of course also an ideal place for flowers Wild flowers Gull Benaphsha and Sunflower in a jug on the counter top can make a great impact Moreover an arrangement of colored flowers such as Zinnia presents an ideal environment to a kitchen

Dining among flowers

Numerous families also enjoy the presence of flowers at mealtimes even if this consists of nothing more than a simple flower on the table An elegant centerpiece of Daisy and Lily creates an intimate dining environment You can use fresh flowers for creating centerpiece flowers arrangements in which you can place different fresh flowers around two candles in a beautiful manner The windowsills and cupboard tops are usually festooned with Cactus flowers in small bowls in dining room with less space

Bedroomflower arrangement

Bedrooms are now often graced with a profusion of vigorous flowering that really enjoy the somewhat cooler environment A small arrangement of Roses promotes an atmosphere of rest and romance A much more attractive arrangement in a long fairly narrow room is to display flowers like Cosmos in two or three groups Two or three good places are far more effective than small spots of flowers dotted all over the room

Living room dcor

Every interior can be enhanced with flowers Try floating three or four flowers such as Motia or brightly colored Tulip petals in a crystal bowl on central table in your living room Group arrangement is also true for living room dcor Tube Rose and Canna is a best selection for this Brightly colored flowers such as Pansy or Daffodil flowers are the perfect addition to a windowsill

Bath room flowers

Add a touch of class with an arrangement of miniature Carnationslonglasting blooms that act as natural air fresheners

Wall flowers

When home is small anything which can be hung on a wall is an advantage It is possible to create something pleasing to suit the room exactly The flowers used can be sweet and traditional with masses of character in a different kind of room can seem strong uptodate and vital Certainly the size can be made to fit exactly the space available and containers to hang on a wall both modern and antique are a pleasure to seek out Particularly in a small room it is good to be able to have a selection of containers which can be changed now and then A number of a wall vase and containers can be used singly or in a group to show off a single full petalled rose a gathering of mixed garden flowers or a few attractive woodland leaf rosettes

Selection of vases and other containers

When you make your collection of vases and other flower containers for arrangements there are some essential points to take into account

Choose a vase that complements your desired arrangements You dont want to arrange white and pink flowers in a red vase When you choose your vase try to imagine what your flower arrangements will look like in it when its completed

You can use different types of vessels for this purpose like soup bowls coffee cups or she

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