A Study On The Architectural Design

A Study On The Architectural Design

The architectural design of the 21th century buildings has been redefined due to the advancement of our modern technology In our modern society the architectural design of buildings is changing the downtown landscape of metropolitan areas Due to the change of technologies it has changed the architectural design of buildings dramatically in terms of its function design structures heating and cooling systems and it social status in society The basic function of the architecture is to provide a roof over peoples head For instance the Taipei 101 in Taiwan Taipei 101 has became the worlds tallest skyscraper in 2004The Taipei 101 is located in the Hsinyi District of the city the rapidgrowing Manhattan of Taipei This is the future center of financial power in Taiwan and already home to a dynamic collection of retail and entertainment centers The Taipei Municipal Government awarded development rights by tender for this BuildOperateTransfer project the first ever in Taiwan to an unprecedented consortium of investors The mission is to develop a stateoftheart building that forms an integral part of the infrastructure for advancing Taipei towards becoming one of the Asia Pacific Financial Centers This project symbolizes the outstanding achievements of Taiwans economic development In many aspects the new building is the most technologically advanced skyscraper constructed to date The building feature fiberoptic and satellite Internet connections allowing speeds up to 1 gigabyte per second It has the worlds fastest elevators which run at a top speed of 1008 meters per minute

Architectural intention

The architecture intention of Taipei 101 has been derived from early period in history Associated with combination of style and culture from Greek Egyptian Gothic period and most importantly the Roman architecture The Greek column structures were used to build its structures the gothic point arch and pointed rib vaulted construction were used to build up its structure There are many aspects about the gothic architecture that reflected in the making of Taipei 101 such as the architects would build high ceilings which would make the building look absolutely massive Taipei 101 is no longer viewed as simple shelter to provide roof over peoples head The architectural plan is designed with a more environmental conscious issue The interior environment is designed according to the space of the structures For instance the interior are divided into segments such as malls observatories restaurants and business offices

Form and Faccedilade

The form of Taipei 101 is inspired by traditional Chinese architecture with a shape resembling a pagoda If look closely the sectioned tower is also inspired by the bamboo plant which is a model of resilience elegance and strength The towers design specifications are based on the lucky number eight Number eight is consider to be a lucky number it features eight upward flaring sections and all supported by eight super columns Most aspects of the design layout and planning were reviewed and approved by a Feng Shui master The faccedilade material of the building is glass with curtain wall system


Taipei 101 incorporates many features of symbolic significance One of the representation that Taipei 101 symbolized the axis mundi which is a symbol representing the center of the world where the heaven or sky connects to the earth or more like Taipei 101 is the bridge from earth to heaven The height 101 floors symbolized the renewal of time and Chinese saying being one more than one hundred a traditional number of perfection The main tower is divided into eight segments of floors In Chinese the number eight symbolized lucky number or good fortune The ruyi figures appear to be their motifs The ruyi symbolized heavenly cloud it implies defenders fulfillment and rejuvenation

Interior Spaces and design

In many aspects Taipei 101 is the most advanced skyscraper ever constructed to date The building feature

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