A Study On The Petronas Towers Construction Essay

A Study On The Petronas Towers Construction Essay

Supertall buildings are a relatively recent addition to the history of the cities around the world Technology of the nineteenth century made their development possible Steel concrete and masonry materials have existed for a long time in the history of civilization but not in such a configuration Masonry is the oldest material Concrete in its present form is the youngest of these three basic structural materials of construction Concrete unlike any other structural building material allows the architects and engineers to choose not only its mode of production but its material properties as well

Although steel will continue to be the structural material of choice for many tall buildings for its strength and ductility we may expect to see more and more concrete and composite highrise structures shaping the skylines of major cities of the world in the forthcoming years

As a result the field of concrete tall building construction is rapidly changing and its limits are constantly being tested and stretched The introduction of composite construction to tall tubular buildings has paved the way for supertall composite buildings like the PETRONAS Towers


Much of the technological change in concrete construction was in the first half of the 20th century Advances in formwork mixing of concrete techniques for pumping and types of admixtures to improve quality have all contributed to the ease of working with concrete in highrise construction There were main four periods in the development of skyscraper which began around 1808 and ended in 1960s where structures were usually vertical and dominant During 1970s the international modernism in construction started to rise and this introduced a renewed interest in silhouettes and symbolic potential

The most efficient construction coordination plan for a tall building is one that allows formwork to be reused multiple times Traditionally formwork was made of wood but as technology has advanced the forms have become a combination of wood steel aluminum fiberglass and plastic to name only a few materials Each set may be selfsupporting with trusses attached to the exterior or may need additional shoring to support it in appropriate locations New additions to the family of forms include flyingforms slip forms and jump forms The PETRONAS towers are a good example of this latest period

The techniques improved continually till now when pumping of concrete is considered even for small jobs In recent years concrete pumping has reached new heights The builders for the Jin Mao Building in Shanghai China boast of pumping high strength concrete as high as 1200 ft 366 m For such great heights a highpressure unit is needed Great thought must be given to the properties of concrete and how it will react when pressure is applied in a pipe All these factors demanded innovations in concrete technology


Already a wellargued case between Architects and Engineers is to build a environment with minimal impact on natural environment and to integrate the built environment with ecological systems of the locality This proposition of the skyscraper as an ecologically responsive building might well appear to be a conundrum for someAfterall Skyscraper is the citys most intensive buildingtype of enormous size The council on tall Buildings and Urban habitat in USA defines the skyscraper as a tall building whose built form that by virtue of its height requires its own special engineering systems



PETRONAS was incorporated on 17 August 1974 as the national oil company of Malaysia vested with the entire ownership and control of the petroleum resources in the country It has since grown from merely being the manager and regulator of Malaysias upstream sector into a fully integrated oil and gas corporation ranked among the FORTUNE Global 500 largest corporations in the world The national oil company along with investors and federal government of Malaysia dec

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