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About Leadership In Sport And Leisure Sport Essay

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This report critically analyses the role of leadership to managing people in sport and leisure organisations It uses critical thinking methods to demonstrate the definition of leadership the human resource management in sport leisure organisation the difference between management and leadership and some key theories of leadership Finally it analyses to analysis a case studies through one practical sports organisation as example The purpose is to make logical recommendations for improving the fitness club management ideas to build a strong cohesion and loyalty of staff ranks high

The Definition of Leadership

Leadership was defined by Parry 1996 2 who stated that Leadership is the presentation by a person of some identifiable goal or vision or future state that people can desire and the generation of a willingness within those people to follow the leader along a socially responsible and mutually beneficial course of action toward thatgoal This concept of leadership seemed ambiguous it did not emphasis the effectiveness of leadership and major characteristics Leadership probably means having a long term vision and to stimulate the people follow he or she to achieve their common goal for the companys future development Strange and Munford 2002 believed that the direct leadership comes from the personal charismatic leadership this could be the best way to influence and motivate people Therefore Wunderer and Grunwald 1980 232 defined leadership as a goaloriented and social impact to fulfill common tasks in a structured work environment Because of many kinds of notions about leadership it always led to confusion between leadership and management As far as this point is concerned the following essay will research the role of leadership in an essential position in the management environment Simultaneously it will evaluate the process of human resource management

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management system plays a significant role in a company or organization It directly impacts on this organizations strategic implementation in each step and controls the speed of development with their competitors in the same sphere Heathfield 2010 proposed that Human Resource Management HRM is the function within an organization that focuses on recruitment of management of and providing direction for the people who work in the organization Human Resource Management can also be performed by line managers Moreover in the past in USA HRM concentrated on the human relations in the enterprise management and employees relations in the working environment Due to industrial psychology it applies consolidated systems and strategies commonly HRM was also considered as personnel management PM in the UK Chadwick and Beech 2004 According to the above statements it was obviously seen that a manager was set in a core position in the HRM system The mangers main responsibility was to deal with issues related to people such as recruitment to choose who the most appropriate person for this vacancy is As Taylor et al 2008 said the HRM system was the first level of administration in people management system while encouraging more organizational activities How can we evaluate the organization owns a good HRM system or not It focuses on the Strategic Human Resource Management SHRM system Operational effectiveness and strategic positioning were two fundamental methods to support the organization in outperforming their rivals in an industry Porter 1979 These two points could stimulate the organization have to perform better activities than other competitors and create some unique advantages in the same industry However Taylor et al 2008128 commented that a focused strategy requires a competitive position based on cost leadership or differentiation

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