About The Islamic Architecture Anthropology Essay

About The Islamic Architecture Anthropology Essay

The eternal principle behind modern Islamic architecture is about the story that evolves from ancient times of Islam architecture and move towards modernism Modernism began to slowly grow since Industrial revolution started Since the period it has turn Islamic architecture to explore in depth with the use of mass production At the same time continuing the richness of Islamic architecture elements and forms with influences from Euro and how it brought to Singapore which is known to be one of the elite modern countries The spread through revolution is rapid and challenges occur in Islamic architecture to keep up with the modern times and also embracing its cultural identity

The comparison between Euro and Singapore Islamic architecture for religious building carries the same element of projecting modernism as religious spaces As well as modification of few elements of Islamic form into simplistic manner that fits in the society that lives in

Academic building as modern Islamic architecture reveals representation of different materials and colours to interpret Islamic perspective The differences in the application use by Egypt and Singapore were selective yet portray the element of Islamic architecture

Commercial building in Islamic and Singapore as multicultural country sets different challenges The application of the elements are achievable however in site context attraction as identity and carrying the character may be difficult due to the society that lives in and how they perceive it differently

The variety of artistic developments in todays Islamic Architecture is influenced by both traditional forms and by modernism There was a greater openness of Islamic architecture to European styles also varied and distinctive new approaches to the analysis of their own tradition Whether or not it ranges from secular to religious Islamic architecture carry the same element of style such as the geometric shapes and repetitive art

Standing still in this modern era Islamic architecture has been famous for its traditional forms For example the concept of art rests on a basic foundation of calligraphy geometry and in architecture the repetition and multiplication of elements based on the arch Usually there are allied and parallel floral and figural motifs Other element such as the water and light are also important for Islamic architecture decoration as they contribute in generating layers of pattern for surface decoration With these surfaces they are able to transform space Since surface is articulated by decoration there is an intimate connection in Islamic architecture between space and deco

Modernism in Islamic architecture will be covered in three aspects such as religious architecture academic as well as commercial spacesTo begin with the aspect of modern Islamic architecture of religious spaces such as the Mosque shows a great departure from traditional to futuristic look Resulting in hybrid buildings where traditional facades of arches and domes are grafted onto modern highrises

21 As a case study of EuroIslamic architecture the Penzberg Islamic Centre built in a small German town between Munich and Alps boldly demonstrates the compatibility of mosques and modernism minarets are shortened and serve no purpose unlike minaret of traditional Islamic Mosque that is tall in height are usually use as a way call people for prayers

However The building in night scene The minaret serves its purpose as light which illuminates the ornamental decoration wrapped around The idea shows the model notions of enlightened Islam Apart from the shortened minaret whose colours sets it apart from the course being sandstone facade the centre is not obviously marked out as a typical religious building The exterior already hints at the contemplative atmosphere of the prayer hall inside

The main entrance that is made to stand out by slanted concrete slabs symbolizing the pages of a book on which words from

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