Advantages And Disadvantages Of Construction Management Construction Essay

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Construction Management Construction Essay

Construction Management is a specialized management practice consisting of an arrangement of services applied to construction projects and programs through the planning design construction and post construction phases for the purpose of achieving project objectives including the management of quality cost and time It is also a faster pathway procurement method which enables work to begin on the early stages of construction while the design and documentation of later trade packages are being finalized For instance a client engages a construction manager to organize let and supervise the trade packages Construction management is useful in unstable economic and industrial climates by helping to reduce the time and cost of project delivery Clients can change the specifications of later trade packages according to changing project requirements

Construction management is a discipline and management system specifically created to promote the successful execution of capital projects for owners These projects can be complicated The construction manager seeks to achieve a smooth inter face between trade contractors This is an important factor as the successful completion of one trade package is to a large degree of reliant upon the satisfactory implementation of earlier or related packages The construction manager must plan the works to ensure continuity and avoid possible delay claims against the principal

Construction management is perhaps best summed up as the procurement route whereby designers design trade contractors detail and deliver their packages and where the construction manager manages the process leaving the client to lead and accept the risk on a project for which they are ultimately responsible The situation responsibilities and risks may vary significantly between construction managers

The Advantages of Construction Management

The implementation of these management activities turns the planning design and construction process into one which generates value and maximizes control These activities add predictability to the outcome of the project from the planning phase to the completion of construction A more professional Service is provided Construction Management CM is recognized as a professional service Therefore even in public projects the owner has the right to select a CM firm based on the company reputation and personal qualification Responsibility is also stand an important issue in construction management A construction manager is often selected early in the budget development process before the design team is selected to aid the owner in establish a budget and schedule that will be used to protect all financing and then secure suitable and competitive design proposals

In addition it also improves the concern between the contractor and the owner Generally a general contractor typically is less motivated to work with the owner to improve quality and costs and is more focused on maximizing their profit A greater teamwork is formed in this project Normally the owner selects the team such as project manager to represent the owner under the construction management based upon their track record The relationship of a construction manager with a client is usually as an addition of the clients staff hired for the purpose of promoting project teamwork besides cost schedule and quality control on the project Greater staff flexibility is also one of the advantages of construction management For instance a construction manger can give an owner greater flexibility in dealing with income and relocation of workers within the owners staff

The implementation of construction management improved the cost control and provides greater reliability and creativity A construction manager typically provides cost estimating during the initial owner budgeting process and further cost estimating and value engineering during the design phase of a project costly and time consuming Value engineering and cost reduction ideas ar

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