Advantages And Disadvantages Of Design And Build Method Construction Essay

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Design And Build Method Construction Essay

While construction contracts serves as a means of pricing construction they also structure the allocation of risk to the various parties involved

The construction field is a very extensive and unique in each project In this world most of the projects are managed by contracts

And as a principle to manage the project effectively we should first manage the contracts

The owner has the sole power to decide what type of contract delivery method should be used for a specific facility to be constructed and to set forth the terms in a contractual agreement

A firm has to choose the right delivery method which is project to project base and present its bid offer to the engineerclient during tendering stage to enable it to present competitive price and win the project without compromising the functional and the quality of the project

Choosing the right method to deliver the project will ease the project execution and give flexibility during construction as well as saving money and time for a firm and subsequently the same to the owner

It is important to understand the risks of the contractors associated with different type of delivery methods

In this instant you may ask what the contract delivery methods are and we should choose the right delivery methods

Projects delivery methods

There are three types of project delivery methods In this section we will concentrate on design and Build because it s the best method for small and medium projects

1 Tender or designbidbuild method

In this type the ownerclient will choose engineer to design the whole project and get the

Approvals from authorities then floating tender to choose suitable contractor for the Construction under his supervision

In this type of method the client engineer has full control of the project and the contractor has to comply with full design given by the engineer

Most suitable type of contract for this method is lump sum contract which the price given by the Contractor is fixed and the whole project is already designed and the scope of work is clear and fully detailed

2indefinite quantity contract method

Under this type of contract there shall be no design and it is based on maintenance or repairing projects

Under this agreement the owner and the contractor will upfront set up prices for the labors and Equipments and markup etc

3 Design and build method

The term designbuild refers to a range of alternatives to the traditional project delivery system

A useful way to look at designbuild is by what it is not Traditional designbidbuild is a segmented sequential process in which the owner first contracts

With a design professional to prepare detailed suitableforconstruction plans and specifications or Sometimes has them prepared by its inhouse engineers then uses the detailed plans and Specifications to solicit competitive bids for construction and finally awards the construction Contract to the low bidder

Designbuild means a procurement process in which both the design and construction of

A project is procured from a single contractor

Usually the designbuild contract is awarded by some process other than competitive bidding Providing the best value in price features functions and lifecycle costs

Thus designbuild differs from traditional designbidbuild in two ways First the design and construction components are packaged into a single contract Second the single contract is not necessarily awarded to the low bidder after competitive bidding

IWhy DesignBuild Advantages

Potential Cost Savings

Designbuild has the potential to reduce overall project cost because the designbuild contractor performing the design has a better feel for the construction cost of various alternatives Thus can come up with a design that is less expensive to build and has an incentive to do so Another way to look at this advantage is that it moves value engineering cost reduction incentive

After contract award with the contr

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