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Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology Today

Chirag Patel

The world has come very far with respect to technology In reality technology social media and smart phones have breached the mainstay in our everyday lives in a short period of time Gone are the days of cassette and VHS tapes Gone are the days of typewriters and cursive handwriting Those outdated technologies have been replaced with tablets smartphones and social media websites like Facebook The same types of technologies have found its way into healthcare Lambert K Barry P Stokes G 2012 state that Social media has infiltrated all of our lives both personally and professionally For better or for worse these technologies have blended into our everyday lives with no end in sight therefore knowing they arent going away and how we use them will say as much about ourselves and as society as a whole

Todays technologies allow us to be more connected to one another Both patients and healthcare providers have information available at their fingertips including a patients personal health information PHI On concern could be stated as such How safe are todays technologies and will patients personal health information be compromised The US Department of Health and Human services created HIPPA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act HIPPA is a federal law that protects medical information of patients and is enforced by the Office of Civil Rights

According to Lambert K Barry P Stokes G 2012 The use of social media may expose professionals and healthcare entities to liability under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act HIPAA as well as individual state privacy laws HIPAA as modified by the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act HITECH governs the permitted use and disclosure of PHI by covered entities including hospitals physicians and other healthcare providers The HITECH Act provides breach notification requirements and expands various requirements to business associates

So why take the risks Like anything in this world sometimes you have to take the good with the bad A few advantages of todays technologies and social media sites include accessibility Patients can now play an active engagement in their health care Social media and various apps allow an individual to do their own research on their conditions It can give a patient a feeling of empowerment when otherwise they would feel helpless Social media and varying apps allow for individuals to connect with support groups and message boards that can lend much needed empathy from people who are going through similar situations Weve heard the stories of bullying on Facebook but on the flip side there are stories of triumph and support when used in a way that garners sympathy and empathy Facebook can be both an advantage and disadvantage depending on how it is used

Doctors nurses and other healthcare providers have advantages as well They too can have the latest research and decision making support tools available to them at palm of their hands Access to real time information such as the latest prescription recall or access to the most recent white paper of medical breakthroughs benefits both the healthcare provider and ultimately the patient This collective online and mobile brain trust allow for healthcare providers to create robust medical strategies that can help in the decision making Online and smart phone resources include mobile apps like Epocrates Medscape and even AHRQ ePSS an app designed by the United States Department of Health Human Services HHS Online communities such as American Medical Association provide resources from varying topics including managing your practice medical ethics legal issues and career development

In general most individuals prefer to keep their health status confidentiality hence the patientdoctor confidentiality relationship But with smartphones and use of social media the totality of a persons health information could be vulnerable if safeguards are not in plac

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