Aesthetics In Piano Music From Romanticsm To Modernism Music Essay

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Aesthetics In Piano Music From Romanticsm To Modernism Music Essay

Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of beauty art and taste and with the creation and appreciation of beauty Aesthetics 2010 Online It is also a study of relationship between human and reality in an aesthetical investigation Arts is the main object of investigation particularly where its essence of beauty ugly sublime and other aesthetical aspects are examined It is more scientifically defined as the study of sensory which is also called the judgements of sentiment and taste Aesthetics 2010 Online

The study of aesthetics is very diverse It can be a speculative approach to philosophical ideas it can also be drawn on current research methods through other related disciplines such as psychological analysis anthropological and sociological methods linguistics and culture learning methods description of experience and so on

The perception of beauty is very subjective as it is basically based on our personal feeling and own experience Different people have different feelings towards an aesthetical object thus often arguments are speculative and changed along with time and experience Therefore aesthetics is an independent discipline where the essence of beauty and its significance are examined

In this essay the aesthetic of piano music in both Romanticism and Modernism will be discussed As we know these two neighbouring periods showed a tremendous different contrast in social development and movements hence music as well had been morphed into a new aspect Moreover the style of piano playing was also changed due to the aesthetical values of composers and pianists were also affected

1 Piano Music in Romanticism

11 Romantic Characteristics

The term romantic derived from the medieval romance which has several meanings A romance was a poem or tale about heroic events or persons or it could also connote something distant legendary and fantastic Basically it suggested something imaginary far away from reality

In the nineteenth century the term was applied to literature music and art The term contrasted with classic poetry which was objectively beautiful Thus romantic poetry which was not bound by rules and limits focused more on the individuality of expression Burkholder 2010a Online

Instrumental music was regarded as an ideal art in Romanticism as it started to grow more importance compared to vocal music It is because of the genre was free from words images characterised costumes props and others However composers imagination often led them to explore new sounds although they still kept their works in a Classical framework Besides many romantics composers were also writers or had friends who were writers such as Schubert Schumann Brahms and others They always linked the intrumental pieces to literary works so as to draw out the inner meanings of the text through the music At times the use of literatures and descriptive titles were also added after the work was created Burkholder 2010a Online Hence distinctions were made between types of instrumental music absolute music and programmatic music which later indirectly led to arguments between these two camps

Romantic views of music have been influential Composers created music to express their own ideas and feelings rather than to suit the tastes of their patrons or audiences Burkholder 2010a Online Originality was hence importance for composers and tradition was balanced with their own individuality and creativity

12 The Aesthetic of Romanticism Musical Expression and Emotion

In the Romanticism music had reached the peak of emotionalism which was shaped by the lyrical melodies daring harmonies colourful instrumentation and the strong contrast of form Musical expression and emotion had been such a powerful force to influence the composers The most crucial figure in the nineteenth century culture would be Richard Wagner He was also one of the most influential musicians of all times He brought German Romantic opera to a new height cre

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