Alternative Recycling Materials For Bricks Production Construction Essay

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Alternative Recycling Materials For Bricks Production Construction Essay

21 Introduction

In this chapter it will discuss and study into the commonly used which is conventional and traditional materials for bricks production in current construction industry as according to Thomas 1996 currently in over the world there got multiple types of choice in bricks manufactured from wide range of material but yet in western world bricks are usually produced by these common material such as fired clay calcium silicate which known as sand lime and flint lime or concrete Hence 3 types of commonly traditional material in term of properties and details will be highlighted in this chapter which is calcium silicate bricks concrete bricks and clay bricks Moreover this chapter will also further discuss and look into several types of recycling materials which is potential for bricks production such as bottom ash and fly ash recycled fine aggregates and sea sand and etc In accordance to that comparison in all aspect between the traditional and alternative recycling materials used to produce bricks will be discuss and describe in order to find out the difference in between their characteristic

22 Conventional and traditional materials for bricks production

221 Clay Bricks

According to Yvonne 1996 she mentioned that these clay bricks are consider as one and only most efficient materials which has been widely used in terms of their energy consumption Clay brick can be consider as the one of the type that are most commonly used bricks and application by contractors in construction industry nowadays in Malaysia construction these type of clay bricks in term of usage and application has to be refer to BS 39211895 By referring regard with BS 39211895 the work size dimension of clay brick had been set to 215x1025x65mm while coordination size is 225x1125x75mm work size is consider as the actual size of brick that should conform within specified permissible deviation while coordination size provide the meaning of the size of coordinating space allocated and specified to a brick including allowances for joints and tolerances Horng 2010

Clay bricks are mainly produced from the natural material which is fired clay that consist a wide range of different colour and textures They can be manufactured in many different shapes sizes and strengths in fact in term of properties such as water absorption suction rate and compressive strength also can be control and produce These properties are determined mainly by the kiln method of forming the bricks in specific shape whether by manually moulding or extrusion and also type of clay used Thomas 1996 Basically there are three varieties of clay bricks available which are Common bricks Facing bricks and Engineering bricks According to Taylor 1994 common bricks are ordinary bricks which have no special claim and design to give an attractive good finished appearance and high strength which in fact in general also consider as the cheapest bricks available While for facing bricks are specially designed and made to give an attractive appearance which was free from imperfection that require extra rendering or plaster to the surface such as cracks Whereas engineering bricks was consist the most highest density and well fire which are designed primarily with strong vitreous body for strength and durability due to the more complicated process to produce these bricks hence it price also cost higher than the other types

Figure 21 Common bricks

Common Brick Product Code Mbc2002Common Brick Product Code Mbc2011Common Brick Product Code Mbc2024Source The Matching Brick Company 1991 viewed 15 July 2012 lthttpwwwmatchingbrickcoukproductshtmlengineergt

Figure 22 Facing bricks

Stock Facing Brick Product Code Mbc4006Waterstruck Facing Brick Product Code Mbc5001Waterstruck Facing Brick Product Code Mbc5016Source The Matching Brick Company 1991 viewed 15 July 2012 lthttpwwwmatchingbrickcoukproductshtmlengineergt

Figure 23 Engineering bricks

Engineering Brick Product Code Mbc1

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