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An Overview Of A Constructions Productivity Construction Essay

Recently construction productivity is on a longterm slide and it is recognized as industry challenge System people materials information and energy must flow effectively and efficiently to produce its objective at high productivity to complete construction at lowest possible cost with possible shortest timeframe Picard 2005

Productivity is critically important in construction industry Many researchers have expressed their concern over productivity in construction industry Defining productivity is not a simple task to everybody Different people will give different definition and understanding Most of them agreed that marketable output was essentially the main measure used

Increased productivity was a leading concern to all Committee stakeholders such as users contractors and construction labor unions and led by the owner The construction users emphasized the need of collecting data directly relevant to productivity improvement The Committee was concluded that the frontline construction foremansupervisor would be a reliable source of information These informants would be asked to provide their judgment of the greatest impediments to a productive construction project Tucker 2003

Definition of productivity

Within these several decades many researchers have defined the productivity term in their studies in a number of ways The term productivity has different meanings to different people Many individuals automatically think only of labor unions when the term productivity is mentioned Others associate capital expenditures with the term Each of these interpretations is only partly correct Adrian 1993 Many researchers have attempted to define precisely the meaning of productivity and below are some of it that referred from their studies

Oglesby et al 1989 presented that productivity can be defined as inplace value divided by inputs Some researchers have defined it as workshours divided by the equivalent quantity of work In construction productivity normally can be understood as work quantity divided by manhours or workhours consumed to accomplish the work

Productivity Work Quantity


According to Dolman Parham Zheng 2007 productivity is a measure in order to know how much output is produced per unit of input

Diewert Lawrence 2006 presented that productivity can be defined as the level of economic output per unit of input and also per worker Productivity is important to the wealth and wellbeing of a nation and give efforts to improve productivity occur at all levels of society

According to Hwang and Liu 2005 productivity is an effective index that can indicate output of construction work quantity versus the input of resources Productivity of a crew is directly impacts the cost and time needed to complete a task By analyzing and forecasting productivity project manager can be more effective to control and predict project time and cost throughout execution up to completion

Thomas and Mathew 1986 presented that no standardized productivity definition had been established in the construction industry It is difficult to define a standard productivity measure because companies use their own systems which are not standardized Association simply illustrates the productivity between an output and an input The form has been widely used and existing in literature over the years in construction industry is Productivity InputOutput

Prokopenko 1987 defined the productivity as effective and efficient utilization of all resources labor plant and materials

According to Jugdev et al2001 productivity is a ratio between inputs and outputs In calculating the productivity it is important to specify the inputs and outputs that to be measured because there are many inputs such as labors materials equipments tools capital and design in construction system

UusiRauva and Hannula 1996 presented that productivity can be defined as internal efficiency of the organization or other object to be measured A more prec

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