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An Overview Of Modernism And Art Essay

During a defining moment in history there can be an event that can arrive that can aim at a mechanism of change In art history this mechanism of change is the object of art or particular artists with the intention of marking the beginning of a new period of creative practice The western world experienced a changing period of revolution in thought technology and society as the older ways collapsed and paved the way for modernism At the head of social and cultural movement influencing and reflecting these changes were Artists exploring elements of their craft and personal expression as never before It is understood that modern artists are those who experimented with new ways of seeing expressing new ideas and methods Cianelli 2009 As a result there were many distinct styles that emerged each arising from a different part of the changing world and each reflecting the idea of Modernism in its own way

According to Justin Andrews 2009 modernism describes the style and theory of art that emerged from the late 1800s lasting into the mid20th century Modernism describes a series of reforming cultural movements in art and architecture music literature and the applied arts During this time there was a strand of thinking that began to assert that it was necessary to push aside previous norms entirely instead of merely revising past knowledge because of current techniques Many of the art and the writings intend to depict emotions and happenings at that particular time

Modernism proposes new forms of art since these are more appropriate to the present time The people during this modernist time wanted to impact history and how issues were viewed then The Modernist point of view argues that people should adapt to change and accept the views of the 20th century which is forever progressing These groups that wanted to be heard formed what was called the avant garde literary group Avantgarde is the breaking away of something to begin the application of something new Change and revolt the very meaning of avant garde became the measure of progress in Modern art It provided a focus and a purpose for art Parks 1989 p11 Consequently a series of writers thinkers and artists made the break with traditional means of organizing literature painting and music

Modernism rooted in the idea that the traditional forms of art had become outdated and that it was therefore essential to move it aside and embrace and accept change Modernism rejected tradition and proposed a return to the fundamentals of art that allows artists to experiment with colour and form along with a freedom of expression Modernism weakens all prior theories regarding the existence of objective reality and the use of reason as a suggestion to gain it Modernisms extreme focal point on subjectivity led to a contemplative age in art literature philosophy and systematic study

Modernism supports the reassessment of every piece of reality Because art was constantly rejecting the past and replacing it with new and innovative ideas standards for judging quality had no benchmark Therefore formalism became the measure of quality a work was judged not for its relevance to external concerns but based on aesthetic coherence within the work itself Parks 1989 p11 Formalism in art is appreciated for the forms of its components such as the way it is made and the visual aspects Formalism basically emphasizes elements such as color line shape and texture Lotito 2002 Modern artists started intentionally drawing viewers attention to the shape of a paintings support canvas and the properties of the paintings forms Thus the paintings flatness became an integral component in the viewers experience of the artwork According to Justin Wolf 2010 Clement Greenberg argues that the single most important element in Modern painting is its flatness While Greenberg focused on the depicted flatness the artist balances forms of color and line to create a painterly value that appears utterly flat Paintings are flat by

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