Analysing The Art Nouveau Movement

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Analysing The Art Nouveau Movement

Art Nouveau is generally seen as using an approach to design involving a particular flowing style which artists should use when working on everything from architecture to furniture and from jewellery to posters and thus making Art Nouveau part of everyday life Art Nouveau was the most popular artistic style in graphic art at the turn of the century and was at its most popular at the turn of the 20th century roughly from around 1890 to 1905 It was commonly used within architecture and decorative arts It was quite a simplistic art style and had a whip lash ripple or floral effect where a lot of the imagery looked as though the starting point had been curved in the style of a whip curves when it is about to strike something Everything was flowing and elegant The French underground stations still have their entrances and platforms signs and railings exactly as they were when the movement was at its height

Czech artist Alphonse Mucha strongly influenced the art nouveau movement when he produced a lithographed poster created as an advertisement for the play Gismonda and appeared on the first of January 1895 in the streets and walkways of Paris It was an overnight sensation and announced itself and its creator as a new artistic form to the citizens of Paris It was originally named Mucha style and later became known as Art Nouveau which means new art in French Art nouveau was strongly used over a fifteen year period and was most widely used through Europe from Glasgow in Scotland to Moscow in Russia and to Madrid in Spain but its influence was worldwide

Art nouveau was a popular form of graphic design with detailed prints and bright colours which set the atmosphere of the imagery within It was usually used for posters which drew the viewers eyes first to the outlined figures inside and then to the text within and then you would notice the fine detail around the whole image The art style was a new form of Japanese inspired art and had a William Morris style of repetitiveness such as used in his wallpapers within the detail

In Spain the Art Nouveau movement was centred in Barcelona Architect Antoni Gaud whose decorative architectural style is so highly personal created the Casa Batllo The house had already been bui8lt but he remodelled it completely in the style of Art Nouveau and is most widely regarded as being the complete essence of Art Nouveau Such distinctive buildings can be found all over Europe and America except in Warsaw Poland where the Nazis and the Communists destroyed all such works on the basis that they were decadent

I love the intricate detail of Art Nouveau and I liked the amazing patterns produced with this style within poster designs and architecture and I thought that it was outstanding that this sort of design could be achieved but I felt that it is not my style of art I like to produce detailed pieces but a stranger style would suit me more I then decided to move away from Art Nouveau and move more into the styles of Dada with are more interesting and confuse the viewer the style is very different to what has been previously produced and that is why I have decided to do more of a Dada approach to my project now

The Dada movement started first in Zurich Switzerland during World War I European artists and international writers created the Dada movement from 1915 to 1922 and were marked by a spirit of anarchic revolt French poet Tristan Tzara stabbed the pages of a dictionary with his penknife to randomly choose a name for the movement The importance of chance displayed within Dada art is highlighted by this random act in itself The style of Dada took great pleasure in absurdity and prioritised the role of the unpredictable and unexpected in artistic creation Its purpose was to make fun of what its participants considered to be the nonsensical meaninglessness of the modern world

Dadas beginnings relate broadly to the outbreak of World War I and for many participants the movement was a protest again

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