Analysis Of Bill T Jones Choreographic Pieces Art Essay

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Analysis Of Bill T Jones Choreographic Pieces Art Essay

Bill T Jones is a startling choreographer with an exhilarating presence and charisma His compilation of Solos includes Tea for Two Ionization and Chaconne All different from each other are depictions of Jones emotions and body movements to their extremes Giving a brief explanation to each Tea for Two is a depiction of emotions like desire and love while Ionization has an extreme involvement of strong music movement and expressions which depict violence and finally Chaconne is a flickering performance that displays the involvement of artistic techniques and music insinuating a certain story or feeling This paper is an outlook of Jones work especially in these performances and how each performance is an artistic representation of a certain theme

The classical song Tea for Two is what Bill T Jones performance is based upon It is a solo which he presents twice once on the stairs and next in a studio On the other hand as a spectator I have realized that differences in the setting may lead to a vast distinction between two performances

Firstly Tea for Two On the Stairs The performance is a depiction of love freewill and desire I have felt that Jones performs with his full fervor on the streets out to celebrate Also the lyrics sung by Blossom Dearie speak for themselves as the dancer is blissful and content about the house created for him and his lover away from the busy life of the city As a spectator I have felt that it is a romantic ballad dance where Jones is conveying to his audience that he is happy regarding being alone with his loved one with no one to bother them enabling them to have tea for two and enjoying it without any interruption

Also I have realized that Jones free style of dancing reflects his freedom and peacefulness The daylight tends to capture the essence of love and happiness while his facial expressions are of a happy man content with his living and life In this dance sequence the space is fully utilized with no sets or props to disturb the concept of freedom he is trying to convey to the audience A very natural and clean performance which shows what little happiness in life along with a loved one can do to a human being

Furthermore moving on to Tea for Two In the Studio Although Jones had performed the piece twice on the same music the difference in the setting gave the dance another feeling I felt that Jones is not performing with the same essence or power Also I believe that his performance in the studio constrained him impeded him from moving freely unlike his performance on the stairs where you could feel the positive energy shimmering from every movement and line Jones had made Moreover Do you think Ill make a soldier every round goes higher and higher do you want to have your freedom are the words of Bill T Jones which he added after his performance to the piece in the studio To me this altered the mood after watching the performance as Jones left the audience in deep thoughts also as a spectator I did not fully understand the intention of such a quote however it could be that Jones is doubtful while referring to himself as a soldier and questionable regarding acquiring his freedom as he pictures it with his loved one

Moving on to another spectacular piece by Bill T Jones entitled Ionization Ionization is a piece choreographed to a classic music composition by Edgar Varese and this dance piece is an excellent synchronization of different instruments with the moves of the body

Also as a spectator the dance is an ionization of the human body to different beats in life and is also built on the premise of how a body moves to the most sensitive distinctions of various kinds of percussive sounds Different instruments such as the bass and the drums are a pleasure to hear when synchronized to the soft and soothing sounds of the piano and the saxophone Also as a spectator I was awakened with the African like beats as well as beats similar to the roaring of a lion and sirens allowing Jones to sh

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