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Analysis Of Bohemian Rhapsody Music Essay

Bohemian Rhapsody was recorded by the British rock band queen Released in October 31 1975 Bohemian Rhapsody was greeted like a miracle from heaven in the largely barren musical ground of the midSeventies At the time it was produced like most expensive single Brian May thought of that the tracks main album A night At The Opera as their Sgt Pepper It was the first time that an opera passage had been combined with a pop record and reached number one place The song obviously has a very unusual structure and the operatic section was planned to be a lot shorter but when they got to the studio they decided to make it bigger

The song was recorded at the Roundhouse studios located in Wales in particular the Rockfield studio 1 Freddie Mercury is the writer of the song also keyboard player and a lead vocalist in the band He wrote the song in his flat while he was trying to develop a complex song which would consist of more than three sections Using a structure that leans towards a more classical approach which was in contrast to the contemporarypop form at that time According to Brian May most of the song was written in a studio environment but the rest of the band claim that Freddie had everything in his head before that Interestingly enough the song hasnt got a chorus but just a complex layer of verses and main parts including a ballad verse an operatic passage a heavy rock solo and a classical outro

Queens prowess at layered vocal harmonies dominated by Mercurys soaring operatics was second to none while Brian Mays multitracked guitar orchestrations were arguably the most creative contributions to the instrument since Jimi Hendrix In the studio the band embraced the innovative breakthroughs laid down during the psychedelic and progressive eras and took them to another plain While they relied on but a simple instrumental lineup of Guitar Bass Piano and Drums they played them like they were new inventions and in doing so delivered a genuinely new epic slant on rock Launched into the age of glitter it was no surprise when Queens flamboyance earned them a glam rocker tag Although studio technology played a vital part in the stunning results what must not be overlooked is the natural tone of Mays homemade guitar his vibrato technique and the use at all times of a silver sixpence in place of a pick Brians great strength was in phrasing a part and then doubletracking or harmonizing very accurately

The title of the song has a powerful rock ideology the word Bohemian could be traced to the practice of an unorthodox lifestyle That could be associated with likeminded people having musical and artistic or qualities

A rhapsody can be described as music in a onemovement work that is episodic yet integrated freeflowing in structure featuring a range of highly contrasted moods colour and tonality A burst of sudden inspiration and a sense of improvisation make it freer in form than a set of variations

Bohemian rhapsody was the biggest success in radio and charts for queen They achieved that with introduction of a video clip to the song that was broadcasted heavily on radio and television It was strongly influenced by the media hype they created with their experiments previous albums The public expected to hear such an experimental approach Queen had a previous attempt in a similar form that was used in the song the The march of the black queen which didnt reach the success of Bohemian RhapsodyThe band wanted to become famous with that kind of song and they achieved it because of their musical geniuses

They band had some attempts to reach popularity with similar songs in structure and form But they didnt receive the deserved media attention Freddie needed to write something like that for a long time With the high standard of contemporary and classical mix of genres bohemian rhapsody clearly represents the album Night at the opera and still is one of the most epical contemporary albums nowadays The recording process took three weeks an

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