Analysis of Group Dynamics

Analysis of Group Dynamics

This research assignment analyzes two important areas of group dynamics Group formation and structure and leadership The purpose of this assignment is for students to work in small inclass groups experience the two important areas of group dynamics and to reflect on them The objective of this paper is to compare and contrast the experiences the group had with the research and theory that is available on group dynamics The inclass group was made up of five members Member A the author was a 21 year old male from Toronto in his 3rd year majoring in kinesiology Member B was a 22 year male from North York in his 4rd year majoring in business Member C was a 26 year old male from Vaughan in his 4th year majoring in psychology Member D was a 25 year old female in her 3rd year majoring in psychology Member E was a 22 year old Female in her 4th year majoring in kinesiology All members were raised in Canada Members A B and C agreed upon the group name Blazing Tigers while members D and E were not present The members met once a week in class

Group Formation and Structure

Norm Development

The prescriptive and prospective norms of the Blazing Tigers were generated implicitly Prescriptive norms such as engaging in small talk before and after discussing about the task in class Norms such as sitting in the same area as where the members last sat or sitting in an area where most group members were already near to each other In the first few weeks though all the members would go sit around member B because he took leadership on the first day and called out the group number for the members to come join him Rotating the work throughout the members every week was another norm which started after a few weeks in This happened because of the implicit guilt that only member B was doing the assignment questions every week Member E only showed up once to class she did not engage in discussions in the group conversations on Facebook outside of class either It was then assumed she was not in the class anymore She then arrived to class a week before the assignment was due and agreed to take on the assignment question

Group Development

The group got along pretty fasts with personal stories introductions and jokes In the beginning Members A B and C were having trouble coming up with a group name After a couple of names proposed Member A thought the name Tigers would be good Member C thought flaming tigers would be better Member A then proposed the Blazing Tigers would be even better The new name had generated a positive response from the group members all were very enthusiastic about the new name Before that though it was explicitly clear when someone wasnt interested in the name that was being proposed The indifference and dislike was evident in the members body language facial expressions and the tonality of their voice All members realized this to some extent and kept proposing names till the desired outcome was reached which was basically perceiving a positive response from the rest of the group A similar situation occurred with the two competitions after the midterm tests The members could tell when one member did not completely agree or was just indifferent about what the majority had decided

Collaboration between group members

Everyone collaborated well with each other since the start of the group Members A and B met first and then member C introduced himself into the group Members D and E showed up the week after Member E only showed up twice in total the week after and then just a week before the assignment was due Member A had socially collaborated and had personal conversations with Member B C and D For task collaboration Whatsapp was proposed but Member A did not have a phone and so a group conversation on face book became the medium of exchange There were instances where the members didnt just see each other as group members for the class but friends in general Member B invited the group to come see his ted talk Member D work

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