Analysis Of Merce Cunninghams Choreography

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Analysis Of Merce Cunninghams Choreography

Merce Cunningham is one of the pioneers in the field of dance and choreography He had been a mentor to most of the choreographers who have now become major names in modern times In addition there are certain body movements and symbolism in his dancing techniques that make him a distinctive pioneer in choreography also there are numerous choreographic pieces by Merce Cunningham that are still being imitated by many choreographers of our present time Most importantly I have analyzed the dancing techniques music costumes and movements in certain dancing pieces by Merce Cunningham The choreographic pieces that I have analyzed for this purpose are Changing Steps Deli Commedia and Beach Birds for Camera

The choreography piece Changing Steps profoundly reflects the true geometrical dancing manner of Merce Cunningham As per my analysis Merce Cunningham had made use of steps and body gestures in the form of dance to reflect movement I observed that Merce Cunningham has been successful in highlighting that subtle and weightless footwork has been used to form the dancers movement Moreover when the dancers change their body gestures quickly that left an impression of light weighted foot stepping Additionally I have also observed that in order to create extensions to the movements of the body special focus has been made on certain movements such as the physical contact among the dancers during the sequence Merce Cunnigham Dance Company

In my view the highlight of the dance sequence is that it is another successful collaboration of music and choreography by John Cage and Merce Cunningham respectively The work done by the cooperation of both invites the spectators to experience something that has never been focused on before which is the way the collaboration had presented joy and freedom through the context of the dancing steps of the dancers I believe that the collaboration of John Cage and Cunningham is the success factor as the dancing language of Cunningham is independent but somehow John Cages music is irreplaceable I also think that John Cages music in the dancing piece works as a catalyst In addition I would also like to mention that the wider acclaim to the dance sequence Changing Steps is increased because of the threedimensional gesture stepping Threedimensional gesture stepping means that three dancers collaborate and make body movements that together make up a threedimensional posture Copeland

Furthermore the costumes used in the choreography sequence have been designed by Mark Lancaster The colors of the costumes are single toned and darker colors The costumes in the threedimensional stepping had been used in a way that two of the dancers wear the same colored costume while the third dancer wears another color Merce Cunnigham Dance Company

My experience with the dance sequence Changing Steps has been full of delight The dance sequence greatly reflects an entirely new idea and form of dance The usage of the title perfectly suits the dancing sequence and as viewed in the sequence changing in steps has been quite swift thus the title also elaborates the same idea Also the flow of stepping in the dance sequence of Changing Steps is so powerful that the spectator would feel that he or she is actually dancing with the dancers I observed that in the beginning of the dance sequence the choreography has been done in a way that makes a rectangular box and further forms a curved structure of stepping and to me the setting appeared to be something that I did not expect in a dance In addition I think that the union of dancers after every threedimensional stepping of feet appeared to be amazingly active and fresh

Moving on to another great piece by Merce Cunningham entitled Deli Commedia Deli Commedia is another accurately choreographed piece that represents the legacy of his contributions to the dance He contributed in the field of dance by introducing the concept of geometry in his dance sequences For instance I have observe

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