Analysis Of The Procurement Route

Analysis Of The Procurement Route

The main purpose of this report is to evaluate key procurement issues that the client has to consider in selecting an appropriate procurement route for the rapid reconstruct of three hotel building project We have analysed four kinds of procurement routes such as traditional procurement route design and build procurement route management contracting procurement route and construction management procurement route After the analysis we have chosen a most suitable method to meet our objective in terms of cost certainty construction within the planned period and quality of the building Also creating a sparkling and luring environment for hotel guests in the near future We too have considered the economic benefits as such if the hotel reopened on time within the budgeted cost we can also recover the investment costs as soon as possible Therefore we have recommended the design and build procurement route for this project


In construction industry many factors cause the results of the project The right procurement route is one of the factors to achieve project successfully In order to select best procurement route we need to analyse clients background objective project requirements technical complexity of the project construction risk cost time and designquality and etc


Client Background

Cinnamon Grand is a privately owned large hotel chain in the UK They offer comfortable accommodation across the UK and are committed to preserving their rich heritage They are very passionate about the outlook of their hotel buildings and they are experienced at renovation of buildings But they have lack of inhouse executive who is either experienced enough or enable to devote sufficient time in advising the reconstruction of their properties

Project Requirements

As the hotel has planned to reopen on the 1st April 2015 we have started planning for the project on August 2012 and construction will be started on 1st March 2014 Lastly the hotel will be handed over to the owner latest by 28th February 2015

Reconstruct in two phases

Phase 1 Rapid reconstruction for the main areas of the hotels such as swimming pools roofs restaurant and guest rooms which allows the hotel to be reopened for business within a period of 12 months from 1st March 2014 to 28th February 2015

Phase 2 Newly construction of some facilities such as health and fitness centre conference and meeting rooms dance studios High technology multimedia facilities with air conditioning shall also be provided for conference and meeting rooms During construction good service will also be provided to hotel guests

Quality of the buildings is also important The new constructed hotel must create sparkling and luring environment that can be enjoyed by all hotel guests It has to match the existing hotel or even better which allows the former magnificent look to be brought back

Design requirements

Design quality should at least match the existing hotel or even better

The tender document submitted by the tender contractor should include scope of works construction methods programming management methods availability of resources and costing

The material application will submit through template or sample and requires strict inspection and approval by client

Contractors typical design proposals require approval by client due to client experienced in the renovation of buildings

Client requires retaining the ancient architectural style rich heritage for the external features of the hotel

Using green materials in order to lower impact to the environment For example using green roof

Demolitions works will minimize the damage to the building when using suitable method

Maintenance proposals should be done during the preparation time from August 2012 to 1st March 2014

Good construction planning and planning should include safety environmental and health issues and solution Especially during the phase 2 constructions the normal bu

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