Analysis Of Todays Consumerism Anthropology Essay

Analysis Of Todays Consumerism Anthropology Essay

Everlasting consumerism has shaped the way 21st century landscape looks like It creates unlimited demand of products and stores in any possible space Retail design is responsible to convert this possible space into a consumerism space It is where people encounter strong force to see and buy products A perfect example to show evidence exists in fashion world There is strong indication of tense competition happens between clothing manufacture to win the market In relation to that the store has become one key aspect or rather a strong statement to create brand awareness among public The question arise is how in a relatively oversaturated market a store can be possibly designed to convey strong message to draw the crowd of consumerism into the space

11 Consumerism Today

The idea of consuming has changed over the past decades Back to the early human civilization period most of the activities were needsdriven actions Earlier as hunter gatherer human hunted animals to be able to eat Followed by agricultural period farming and plant cultivation were done to produce their food Consuming was a mere activity that must be done in order to survive In Industrial and technological age the way people consume things has changed As more diverse product being produced and diverse ways of distribution being invented there are pleasure factors of consuming in form of choices People find excitement in choosing what they want to consume This leads to modern consumerism where the concept of consuming goes beyond the needs of survival

12Shopping as Modern Consumerism

Shopping is the 21st centurys representation of human consumerism People find delights surrounded by range of different shops and brands To be able to choose and compares is the highlight of modern life consumerism In forms of choosing buying and using shopping has catered these needs Shopping can be seen as in a positive way of fulfilling peoples needs and wants But apparently it has developed so fast in terms of activity space and products And over the past decades it becomes major aspect in human life

Museums libraries airports hospitals and schools are becoming increasingly indistinguishable from shopping Their adoption of retail for survival has unleashed an enormous wave of commercial entrapment that has transformed museumgoers researchers travelers patients and students into customers Koolhaas cited in Luna 2005 p26

Shopping is arguably the most universal activity nowadays The way designer design space has to follow this idea as well Space has to be designed in such a way to accommodate this to enable people to shop anywhere anytime

13The Existence of Fashion Retail

Fashion retail perhaps is the best example to portray the modern consumerism It shows how people eagerly choose what they wear under the spotlight of diverse fashion brands If the case is taken to a higher level it demonstrates obviously how people decisions are led by choice instead of needs High class fashion brands such as LMVH Gucci and Prada exist to serve beyond peoples demand of clothing They meet peoples desire for choices for range of luxury products

14Fashion of Singapore

Singapore cityscape pictures clearly the existence of international fashion brands They indeed has become one strong attraction point of Singapore for both local costumers and tourists Singapore is one of the main competition arenas for these giant fashion brands in Asia To be able to meet customers demand every brand has to come up with highend design for its retail Design and technologies are optimized in its use to boost the shopping experience that lead to brand awareness All these things have to be done so that people will choose certain brand and not others Orchard Road is a good example depicting the competition among these brands Interior design facade treatment display technologies are being optimized to attract pedestrians along the road

2Retail Rebirth

People find pleasures in choosing what the

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