Analyze the research methodology

Analyze the research methodology


This work has chosen two research papers to critically analyze the research methodology and method used as well as to compare and contrast the approaches of the two papers

The first paper refer to paper one hereafter is to contribute the understanding of organizational culture in Turkish construction industry A case study OneyYazici E et al 2007 about Organizational culture the case of Turkish construction industry was conducted to examine the cultural profile of construction organization in terms of firm type size and age within the context of Turkish construction industry in 15 countries

The second paper refer to paper two hereafter is to demonstrate the situation of claims management in construction section in Egypt from contractors perspective A questionnaire survey Hassanein A and Nemr W 2008 of Claims management in the Egyptian industrial construction sector a contractors perspective was taken to discuss the issues of claim management change of order in particular conducting on a sample collection in construction industry companies

Research design and research question

Two basic types of research methodologies are divided into quantitative and qualitative methods Kumar 2005 Creswell 2009 further advanced three types of designs as qualitative quantitative and mixed methods

In order to overcome the disadvantage of qualitative and quantitative research mixed methods research emerged trying to combine or associate both forms It involves the use of both qualitative and quantitative methods to achieve greater strength of a study than using either alone Creswell 2009 A mix method is defined by Crewell 2009 as an approach to inquiry that combines or associates both qualitative and quantitative forms Thus this method can synthesize either strength or weakness of both quantitative method and qualitative method Fellows and Liu 2008

The research of organizational culture in paper one was conducted with questionnaire which has Part I and Part II Part I is mainly categorical or nominal variables age gender and size etc to find out the demographic characteristics of respondents and profile of their firms Part II comprises of questions with 15 Likert scale to measure the organizational culture Paper one is therefore a straightforward quantitative research paper which emphasizes on the quantification the data collection and the subsequent analysis of data Brymen 2009 The quantitative research was also defined as a means for testing objective theories by examining the relationship among variables These variables in turn can be measured on instrument so that numbered data can be analyzed using statistical procedures Creswell 2009

The aim of paper one was to examine existing culture profile in the Turkish construction industry Quantitative research is suitable for factfinding based on evidence or records Table 1 Naoum 1998 Therefore the objective of paper one to find out the culture profile can be achieved by quantitative research Thus it is appropriate in this case However if the objective is extended to further understanding as to why such a culture profile existed in Turkish construction industry a qualitative research could be conducted with methods like interview to gather more data to comprehend the mentality behind the organizational culture thus to supplement the finding from quantitative research since it has rich and deep data Naoum 1998 and it places greater emphasis on understanding rather than merely testing and verification Ghauri Gronhaug 2005

The objective of the paper two is to finding and improving the status of claims management in Egypt particularly the change order claims The research of claims management in paper two is also conducted by questionnaire but it is not the same type of quantitative questionnaire as in paper one Rather it has both closedended and open questions hence with combination of quantitative and qualitative questions It was actually conducted by researcher i

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