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Andy Warhol Art After Modernism Art Essay

By reference to both art works and writings within the period of 19501970 critically discuss to the extent in which Andy Warhol has produced art after Modernism In what ways has the artist upheld adapted or rejected modernist values

This essay will critically discuss the extent to which Andy Warhol upheld adapted or rejected Modernist values which will further investigate how Warhol created art after Modernism

In order to answer this question the main Modernist values will be discussed these include ideas such as avantgarde the machine age transhistorical equilibrium aesthetic individualism form purity essentialism universality This will then form the basis to which a conclusion will be made as to whether or not Andy Warhol upheld adapted or rejected these Modernist values

Modernism described cultural tendencies and a cultural movement which started in the late 19th century and ran into the early 20th Century which fixes its origins at the shattering of cultural symbols and norms Modernist artists believed that the traditional social and political order is no longer able to portray the modern needs as different from the past They sought stylistic innovations that could better expose their present reality

The first Modernist value to be discussed is avantgarde The Modernist avantgarde practice can be defined as the combination of three qualities technological experimentation aesthetic engagement with the means of signification and an immanent social political commitment This definition refers to Modernists experimental and innovative art which pushed boundaries of what was socially accepted

Warhol emerged alongside Neoavantgarde in the mid 1950s where Modernist values were subverted by the values associated with modern art within the Modernist period through the eruption of more diverse new practices Warhol and his Pop Art work was an example used to show that the neo avantgarde is an avantgarde that exists as a mere inauthentic mirage of the avantgarde of the 1910s and 20s Warhols use of the photographic silk screening process was the decisive step by which Warhol aligned his working method with the content of his paintings It was through this step that he made conspicuous and quite specific contribution to the advance of avantgarde art

The neoavantgarde was a new take on avantgarde which wanted to bridge the gap between lifeasart and artaslife and remodel our day to day existence Pop Art was used to tell a melancholic story of arts inability to imagine socially better works Warhol therefore adapted the Modernist value of the avantgarde where he added to the ideas of this Modernist value He did this by adapting to the ever globalising society and created new means of creating and viewing artworks

In the 1960s Andy Warhol created several massproduced images from photographs of celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor He used the technique of silkscreen printing this is seen as neoavantgarde This can be seen in his Turquoise Marilyn Fig 1 is based on a publicity still of Marilyn Monroe with vivid colours highlighting her eyes lips and earrings He also famously replicated the same image in a variety of different colours

Warhol created many pieces using the silkscreen technique which was a useful technique as many of the same image was easily replicable This idea leads me onto the next Modernist value of the Machine Age

Within the Modernist period artists had to come to terms with the idea of machines Many embraced the idea soughing to fuse art and life through an expanded approach to mass culture performance and production For example the Italian Futurists encompassed the ever advancing machine age They created work whereby they repeated shapes over and over like a machine

Warhol sought to be machine like in his everyday life and also his artwork He did this by using repetition in a lot of his work He stated I think everybody should be like a machine I think everybody should be like ev

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