Anthropological Concepts of the Home

Anthropological Concepts of the Home

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In this paper I will be reviewing 4 readings which are closely related to homes and dwelling I will also analyse and assess the strengths and weakness on each reading based on the explanations and theories presented on each reading based on the ideal home the perception of home and the concept of home within the anthropological perspective

A home or a domicile is a dwellingplace used as a permanent or semipermanent residence for an individual family household or several families It is often a house apartment or other building or alternatively a mobile home houseboat yurt shack etc Homes typically provide areas and facilities for sleeping preparing food eating and hygiene Homes also provide a private space which allows the residents to separate from the outside world Homes can also be used in a variety different ways in comparison to public space or quasipublic spaces in which certain rules and regulations are mandatory

When secure and legal dwellings are not available due to financial or geographical reasons residents can be forced to live in informal andor illegal shacks found in slums and shanty towns in a geographical region Slums and shanty towns are still present in developing nations in the modern era Generally home may be considered to be a geographic area such as a town village suburb city or country

Bachelard G 1958 The Poetics of Space The Classic Look at how we Experience Intimate Places 1994 edition translated by M Jolas Boston Beacon Press

Gaston Bachelards book The Poetics of Space provides an intriguing insights into the meaning of spaces which incorporate poetry primarily focusing on intimate private spaces such as a house Within the home examples such as a drawer a night dresser are mentioned and analysed from an anthropological and philosophical perspective Also outdoor spaces such as vistas gardens trees and woods are also examined in a similar manner both indoor and outdoor spaces are examined in a poetic manner in comparison to a structured manner which is different than most standard academic readings therefore the book is appealing to wider audiences

In the first chapter of the book Bachelard focuses on the interior domestic space within the home and its components such as rooms and objects within a room primarily focusing on furniture dcor and windows doors etc Bachelard also continues to pursue the investigation of the acceptance of the subjective consciousness and the poetic image Bachelard also states that an acceptance within the domestic space which also demands with great openness from residents or guests and a focus on the present experience different time frames

Bachelard states that a home is the essential almost living object meaning that the home according its residents they experience an epitomical memories with the home setting Bachelard claims the home is categorised as a personal universe claiming that all really inhabited space bears the essence of the notion of home The Poetics of Space 1958 p5 Bachelard continues to examine the home as the expression and explanation of the soul through literary images and poetic images This is found in most forms of poetry Bachelard examines different locations in the home as certain places of memory and also intimacy which are also expressed in poetry This also provides a detailed anthropological philosophical and psychological perspectives of the home to the reader

Bachelard focuses on the poetic images of the home for it being the property of the innocence and relative consciousness something which precedes conscious thought from the people who are present the home does not require extensive knowledge and is the product of the heart and soul according to the resident Bachelard also describes the direct relation of poetry to reality and vice versa which intensifies the reality of certain perceived objects imagination augments the values of reality The Poetics of Space p3 Bachelard c

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