Anthropological Insight into Death

Anthropological Insight into Death

Vado Tergum In Vicis

Vado Tergum In Vicis I hear him mumble as I cradled him and watched him close his eyes inhale a deep breath one last time before dozing off in a deep unending slumber Those were his last words It has been weeks since my grandfather passed away but his words still echo in my head as if those were only said yesterday I was going through some of the things in his office when something of interest caught my attention There stashed between collections of replicas of fossil fragments valuable artifacts and dusty pile of scratch papers and moldy books he gathered from years of field work was a small odd looking leather book Written on its very first page were the exact same words he held before he died I knew instantly that the book was of something special However browsing through its worn out dusty pages I was only left with disappointment for the book did not contain anything aside from descriptions and a few drawings of our supposed human ancestors

My grandfather was an anthropologist and a brilliant one I should boast He spent his years doing field work in different parts of the world until it was time for him to stop because of his old age Bothered by my grandfathers last words I again went through his book this time going through and reading every chapter entry by entry repeating his last words over and over in my head while reading every word in the book hoping to make sense of the phrase Suddenly I felt a weird sensation crawling up my spine and then everything started spinning right before my eyes until it all went black

Chirp Chirp Chirp Chirp I heard little chirping sounds as I awoke from a strange and an unexpected deep sleep Chirp Chirp Chirp Chirp I heard them once more Not noticing that I woke up in a different place I set off to find where the noise was coming from until I came upon a nest of hungry little eaglets Marveling at the sight of the poor little creatures it finally occurred to me where I really was on top of a tree in a strange and unfamiliar place somewhere and not in my grandfathers office where I remembered reading before blacking out Thinking it was only a dream I started stretching hoping to finally wake up in the comfort of my grandfathers office But to my disbelief instead of slender human arms big strong wings came out and stretched in all its might Still astonished and clueless of how I transformed into this magnificent creature in a single snap I was left with no choice but to live in this new form and accept the responsibility of looking after my young eaglets

While flying above the surface I observed the surrounding area It was not the typical lush green forest one may find in a typical forest or a mountain somewhere The area is a dry savanna grassland with trees scattered widely apart Forey Blaxland 2013 Then at a distance not very far from where I was hovering I noticed a group of species with very distinct features They have a relatively hairless tall slender long legged body complemented by an upright stature and a flatter face with humanlike projecting nose Forey Blaxland 2013 Then it hit me could it be that this species were the same as or the ones being described in my grandfathers book Is it possible that I have time traveled 19 to 15 million years in the past Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History nd through his book to witness firsthand the existence of the Homo ergaster which was the earliest known human ancestor to have possessed more humanlike features Forey Blaxland 2013 in East and South Africa Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History nd If this was the case then I can still travel back to the present time and be a human again

The thought of being able to travel back to the present time and be a person again filled me with so much joy and excitement that I quickly perched on the nearest tree that enabled me a view where I could observe and watch them more closely Remembering my grandfathers notes and having personally observed

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