Anthropology Conflict and Culture

Anthropology Conflict and Culture



Some of the vices of the society that were supposed to have been done away with ages ago are still so pronounced in the society today There are some controversial cultural practices that continue to thrive even in this 21st century though have been passed by time such includes the discrimination of the minority in the society Its expected that with the development emanating form advanced science and technology men should have developed parallel with technological advance hence overlook some destructive cultural practices based on myths proven scientifically to be wrong This is not the case as religious and gender discriminations continue to deepen its roots in many cultures especially among the Muslims This paper endeavors to unveil the evils of minority discrimination based on religious laws The minority discussed in this paper are the religious and gender based in Islamic nations using a case study of Saudi Arabia This study is based on a thesis statement that discrimination based on Religion and gender is pronounced and in continuity in Islamic based nations The religious cultures are the sources of the controversies and minority discriminations


The concept of discrimination has triggered much reaction in the society we live today because the adverse effects it has on the victims Discrimination is the treatment taken against an individual or a group of people and based on category or class Benton 2007 According to the United Nations discriminatory behaviors may take a variety of forms but all having a common factor they include some form of rejection or exclusion Any action that treats a group of people in an unfair manner because of their membership to a particular social group is discrimination United Nations Cyber SchoolBus 2010

Minorities and Discrimination

The minorities in the society are a group of people who do not constitute formulate the dominant majority of the total population in a given society Minority group does not necessarily mean numerical majority rather may include any group of people considered subnormal in relation to the dominant group of people in terms of wealth employment class political power education and social status Traiman 2006 The minority may also be referred to as the subordinate group while the majority group may be referred as the dominant group instead of minority and majority respectively The term minority group is mostly used in reference of an ethnic group which may include nationality language religion gender and culture Some other minority groups may include The working minorities unemployed and working poor people with disabilities age minorities who are older or younger than the typical working class and the sexual minorities Lovelace 2006

The commonality of the term minority group is manifest alongside the discourse of collective rights and civil rights gaining prominence from the 20th century Those who fall under the category of the minority group frequently fall prey to different treatments in the societies and the countries where they reside The discrimination can be based on the individuals perception as belonging to the minority group failing to notice an individuals personal successes or occur indirectly based on the social structures that do not offer equal opportunities to the entire subject Those who belong to the categories of the minority groups are often identifiable while tabling of complains of maltreatments and demanding for equal rights Lovelace 2006

Religious Discrimination Saudi Arabia case study

The focus of this paper is to look into the minority groups in the Islamic nations and how they are discriminated by the society and the governing laws within their nations The two major categories of minority groups within the Islamic culture are the religious minority and gender minority women

One of the most established Islamic states of the world is Saudi Arabia though ou

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