Anthropology Research Methods and Communication

Anthropology Research Methods and Communication

A correlation is also known as a relationship between two or more variables There are three types of correlation positive negative and no correlation Positive correlation is when the data of the two variables increase Negative correlation occurs when one of the variables increases but the other decreases And last but not least no correlation which shows that neither of the variables has an effect on the other Different types of data collected by social scientists can be put into a scatter plot to identify any relation between the two variables This cartoon is related to correlation because it shows two penguins discussing whether there is a relation between global warming and film crews The humour behind this cartoon is that the penguins are not sure if the film crews are the cause of global warming because of the pollution they created or if the film crews are here because of global warming

Objectivity is the lack of favoritism and being equal and fair to both sides of the situation However when talking about social sciences objectivity is when one tries to gather and evaluate information that is approached in a way as free from bias as possible to carry out a fair outcome This cartoon is related to the concept of objectivity because it shows a marriage counselor as he is telling his two patients how he keeps his objectivity without any biased results This cartoon is funny because the method the marriage counselor uses to maintain his objectivity is staying single This tells the reader what he means is that if he was married he would probably side up with the men because he knows how much of a pain having a wife can be And so he tries to not be biased to the women side by not getting married and keeping his objectivity in place

Surveys involve gathering a large number of persons to ask them a particular question or set of questions about their views and attitudes towards something or someone The survey method is one of many other methods used by social scientists to gather a sample set of data that represents the opinion of a whole This kind of method can be done by using the Social Science Research Method The Social Research Science method involves raising a question posing a hypothesis to the question asked and then gathering the data by conducting an interview an experiment case study or in this case a survey This cartoon is related to the method of surveying because it shows two people asking a man a question and then recording it on a sheet of paper as a way of gathering data The humour behind this cartoon is that the two men dressed in black look very serious about their job when the question they are asking is simply would you pay 299 for the toothpaste The expression on the face of the man being surveyed is really funny because he is puzzled whether to take them seriously or not

One of anthropologys branches is physical anthropology which is the study of human evolution human biology and other primates Forensic Science is also part of physical anthropology and it uses scientific studies to discover record gather and preserve evidence and clues that might be of some help to establish what occurred based on collected evidence The evidence gathered from the crime scene can be in the shape of finger prints bit marks foot wear firearms and many more These clues can provide the forensic police officers with hints about the criminal and what weapon was used For example bite marks can be useful when in need of DNA foot prints can tell the skin pattern and foot size which can later be matched with the suspects and firearms can detect which weapon was used at the crime scene since each gun has a unique rifle mark to it This cartoon relates to the concept because you can see a dead snowman and two policemen trying to find out who committed this crime by matching one snowflake to another through DNA which is an area of expertise to forensic science The humour of this cartoon is that the snowmen are having a hard time mat

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