Application of Chinese Folk Art Patterns in Animation Design

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Application of Chinese Folk Art Patterns in Animation Design

Research on the Application of Chinese Folk Art Patterns in Animation Design

Keywords Fine arts folk art animation design traditional culture application

Abstract Chinese folk art is the working people in the long life practice created by the art form of great aesthetic value and cultural connotation because there is plenty of animation resources mature image design experience and rich folk culture characteristics animation image of the design has a very strong reference value Folk Art in the animation image design applications outstanding performance in the shape color and other visual elements and by giving current cultural elements and learn from foreign cultural elements and innovation Chinese folk art is an important element of all ethnic art heritage is one of the important art in accordance with our current development the creation of the working people to beautify the environment rich folk customs and daily life for the purpose of popular art Chinese folk art is colorful such as pottery stone carvings paintings papercut have accumulated working people appreciate beauty it reflects our colorful folk art The Chinese animation heritage of the art features the integration of Chinese folk art of color conception composition and other characteristics the Chinese animation in the world animation market has created one after another new situation so that our animation a place in the world Folk art in our possession long national culture in an important position it is the continuation of our original art and show a strong vitality and profound historical and cultural heritage We analyze the characteristics and present situation of folk art study of its application in the design of animated features for creative folk have the characteristics of modern animation propose specific measures and recommendations


Folk Art Plastic Arts inherit the national culture of the visual image which embodies the strong local flavor and life of human labor in the most pristine art thinking and with a real positive emotions Animation as a young form of artistic expression and promote the heritage and development of folk art Folk art is an important national art content contains the value and beauty of Meaning it is a source with the development of human civilization spread far of course with advances in technology in constant change and innovation different ethnic Times has its own unique folk art China is no exception Folk Art left a rich artistic property to posterity a rich theme in the animation design and learn resources Various products on behalf of Chinese art all have their own characteristics are also closely related between them closely linked

Folk Art is art created by the working people personally the creative process with the color the shape of the deployment configuration and design are from the hands of the masses it added a layer of decoration for the United States society but also enrich their daily lives to express their vision of life the United States point of view in their generation to generation continuous development of innovative forward With the leap in recent years science and technology the development prospects of Chinas folk art is also not optimistic

Chinese folk art has a long history rich heritage ancestors left us a huge treasure trove of wisdom are parents and parents for their hard work inseparable Our folk art everywhere and range many aspects are involved For example paintings prints painted lantern painting class it is breathtaking toys working people make aesthetic toys with clay paper etc to add a variety of childhood memories of the United States there is they use bamboo grass with wicker woven into one aesthetic of daily necessities to the people tiring day adds to appreciate beauty of course like our clay statues figurines stone etc to better reflect the Chinese folk art is profound both these works of art show the daily life of art gave posterity to appreciate beauty Of co

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