Appraisal On Different Aspects Of Project Management Construction Essay

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Appraisal On Different Aspects Of Project Management Construction Essay

It is the purpose of this report to provide a critical appraisal on the development scope benefits and influence of project management with particular reference to how custom and practice in different countries can influence the role and responsibilities of the project manager

The Project Manager In Brief

A project manager is appointed by a client who has a project that requires to be implemented It is the project managers duty to solely represent the client and ensure that all decisions and actions are in the clients best interests The project manager should ideally be involved at the earliest possible time and his role is to communicate lead organise and delegate from inception of the project to completion of the project The project manager must communicate primarily with the client and subsequently lead and organise everyone who has an input on the project based on the clients needs The project managers duties dont stop there organisation includes project timeframe and a programme of work detailing how the work is carried out The project manager must delegate any activities or responsibilities to appropriate personnel such as notifying a plumber that a heating pipe requires relocating It is not the clients responsibility to tell the contractors what to do it is the project managers role under the clients instructions

Why Do Clients Need A Project Manager

Project managers are employed by clients to save them money time and hassle Many clients are unaware and unsure of construction procedures building design construction costs building contracts and particularly managing a project The project manager at the inception stage of the project ie stage A of the RIBA plan of work can partake in discussions with the client to obtain the clients ideas objectives and needs of the project This will include primarily a budget a timescale a brief outline of their design requirements such as metres squared of office space or number of seats in a football stadium As the client may have had ideas regarding this project for a period of time now it will be likely they have a particular design scheme in mind and the feasibility of this scheme can be discussed with the project manager to ensure that client has a realistic design within their desired budget

Many projects are designed by an architect and are taken through to site operations ie part J K of the RIBA plan of work without any input from an experienced site contractor project manager This can lead to feasibility cost issues on site as unfortunately not every architect has the concept of how buildings are constructed in detail However the appointment of a project manager can eliminate these types of problems prior to site operations as his opinion on the architects proposals can be sought at the planning stage ie part C D of the RIBA plan work

The RIBA Plan of Work

Below is a list of the various stages of the RIBA plan of work with a small description of the project managers role at each stage

A Appraisal Determine feasibility of clients requirements DesignCostQuality

B Strategic Briefing Receive strategic brief from client

C Outline Proposals Develop brief prepare outline proposal approximate cost

D Detailed Proposals Develop proposal provide information on cost estimate consult local authorities gain approval from client submit planning application

E Final Proposals Develop proposal to full working drawings obtain further cost estimate obtain approval from client on construction methods specification cost Apply for building warrant Advise on a programme

F Production Information Organise the preparation of a detailed cost such as a bill of quantities quantifying all the required work to enable a contractor to insert rates

G Tender Documentation Send out tender documents to main contractors

H Tender Action Once received the tenders back from contractors study compare prices and discuss with client Select clients prefer

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