Architectural Style of the Rockefeller Tower

Architectural Style of the Rockefeller Tower


Skyscraper is a vertical small town rising in the sky with thousands of people who work in And hundreds of thousands more who experience it and subrogate every day According to Renzo Piano 2000 tall buildings are firm and cocky symbols of power and ego The Rockefeller had almost the same approach as Piano 90 years ago John D Rockefeller had a vision to build a top of the rock monument to Manhattan and to be his greatest gift for the people of New York His vision began in 1928 when he least a land from Colombia University in the heart of Manhattan The land intended to house the metropolitan Opera House But unfortunately in 1929 a disaster struck in the nation economies Thousands of men and women lost their savings and their jobs and people were desperate for work John D Rockefeller was the resolver he decided to build the tower and the city he called his own will rise again In 1930 the construction of the Rockefeller center began and the project has engaged 75000 men and women to work to support their families

Upon its accomplish in 1939 the Rockefeller center became the largest private structure in the modern history It lives in legend the mark of a civilization greatest achievement at this time The tower is no longer a dream center of the art its a complex were all New Yorkers conjugate Were business is transacted were strangers meet friends and families unite From the top deck of the Tower is the ultimate fullfilm of the Rockefellers dream New York rose again to become the acme of the global culture in commerce The center became an epicenter of community in the heart of New York Top the rock is more than a breath taking view of Manhattan it is a testament of the power of this city The vibrancy of its community the splendor of its culture and the magnificent diversity of its people The essay will investigate the Rockefeller tower in details its architecture and programme Looking if the building is harmoniously friendly and coherent with the city and in context Its a city within a city and one of the early skyscrapers of the 20th century and a significant icon of New York The Seventy stories structure has changed the life of the city


By the time the new century began New York was a city in the process not simply of change but nearly of alchemy The invention of the elevator in 1853 and the steel framed construction method that was developed in the early 1880s were the most obvious propulsive The visible forms of a city is created by its architecture and its environment At the beginning of the twentieth century a city like New York was in the process to define itself and its identity Over the years Manhattan was testing the type and the form of its vertical style of architecture First example with the Woolworth building in 1910 and then twenty years later the birth of the Rockefeller center in 1930 Its the example of New Yorks greatest monumental skyscraper that was proclaimed as a national monument in 1987 It was the right time for some development to happen to refresh the economic depression after a nine years crash in 1920s The project employed almost 75000 workers the impact of a massive undertaking was felt even more on the citys morale boosted by Rockefellers smart move Construction of the original complex began in 1931 and ended in 1939 The site was subsequently enlarged by the construction of the Esso now Warner Communication building in 1946 and by the Manufacturers Hanover building 1950 Both of these structures were designed in harmony with the complex of the Rockefeller Centers architects Few years later the complex has been extended with new buildings on the west side of Sixth Avenue but not related to the historic core Its one of the most prestigious mixed used complexes in New York and America

The project was a result of many architects collaboration the most familiar one is Raymond Hood Hood was one of the distinguished skyscraper architects of the Americas Metropolitan era Af

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