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Arte Povera Movement in Modern Art

The movement Arte Povera began in late 1960s the key artists were Giovanni Anselmo Jannis Kounellis Alighiero Boetti Luciano Fabro Mario Merz Marisa Merz Pier Paolo Calzolari Giulio Paolini Giuseppe Penone Pino Pascali and Michelangelo Pistoletto Arte Povera translated means poor art but this does not refer to the quality or types of materials used alone The artists involved produced sculpture photography installation and performance There were also other types of art practice that had an affinity to Arte Povera Land art antiform postminimalism and conceptual art The artists within this movement were concerned with that point at which art and life nature and culture intersect ChristovBakargie 1999 17

Arte Povera found significance within physical forces present in every day life such as gravity and electricity Art that merely represented life and acted as a go between art and life was not considered by Arte Povera experiencing a real life situation was the focus Along with involving physical forces Arte Povera engaged with aspects of human nature The objects and materials that the artists used to evoke aspects of human nature stirred the senses allowing the viewer to experience the work For example Jannis Kounellis wanted the viewer to use their sense of smell he did this by using coffee within his work The use of texture is applied within Arte Povera suggesting that the viewer touch the work The use of text was also popular with Arte Povera the words were largely handwritten so would come across more personal In terms of location the artists tend to work indoors however have worked in sitespecific places They have created installations sculpture film and performance the artists also worked with ideas of the permanent and temporary The scale is often determined by the dimensions of the human body its physical presence and behaviour ChristovBakargie 1999 19 this is demonstrated in Fabros piece incubo which consisted of a cloth cube that was big enough for just one person Kounellis also stated that I cant exceed the height of a man Bellini 2007 114

Arte Povera was an outlet for artists at the time to rebel against what they considered an oppressive society both economically and culturally They believed both these things were trapped within traditions and focused heavily upon consumerism devised to control rather than liberate ChristovBakargie 1999 20 Many other things came under attack at this time such as education sexuality and religion The Arte Povera artists questioned all traditional materials scale form and concept A key concept for the artists was to reduce the intellectual control and make the experience more important JeanChrisophe Ammann gave a definition of Arte Povera

Arte Povera designates a kind of art which in contrast to the technologized world around it seeks to achieve a poetic statement with the simplest of means This return to simple materials revealing laws and processes deriving from the power of the imagination is an examination of the artists own conduct in an industrialized society A way of dropping out which is by no means a denial of society but which instead asserts a moral claim the subjectified in its objectified authenticity reflects a natural recollection of environmental phenomena both universal and individual ChristovBakargie 1999 20

The text Art Povera Notes for a Guerrilla War written by Germano Celant begins by describing a type of art that follows the system First came man then the system That is the way it used to be Now society produces and man consumes Celant 1967 119 This system demands that the art produced by an artist has to follow a certain route they must conform to the art they have made in the past The artist makes objects that suit the system they cannot create an object just for it to be an object they must justify the art and then make it fit for distribution

Turning himself as an artist into a substitute for an assembly line No longer a stimulator technician

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