Background To Quantity Surveying

Background To Quantity Surveying

This written report will critically discuss the role of the Quantity Surveying in the short form named QS within the contemporary built environment Before discuss or considering about what is the changing role of Quantity Surveyor is in the future the background of the Quantity Surveying is worthwhile to have a review The traditional roles and evolved roles of Quantity Surveryor will be briefly discussed Least the responsibilities of Quantity Surveyor will be carried out too

Background to the Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveying QS profession has been experienced significant change over the past decade in terms of the scope and types of services provided both within and outside of the construction industry All the changes have been occurs in response to changing clients or industry demands IT information technology developments and increased level of competition of services

As the technology and Architecture buildings are constantly developed Quantity Surveyors played an important role in both public and private sector Thus how many people know about who is Quantity Surveyor What is the Quantity Surveying profession is in nowadays What are Quantity Surveyor do for

By according to QSBC 2009 stated that Quantity surveyors are the profession developed during the 19th century from the earlier Measurer Quantity Surveyor is a specialist tradesman often a guild member who always prepared standardized schedules for a building project in which all of the construction materials labour activities and the like were quantified and against which competing builders could submit priced tenders Because the tenders were each based on the same schedule of information they would be easily compared to find the most suitable candidate QSBC 2009

Furthermore Seelay 1997 stated that a Quantity Surveyor is fully professional trained qualified and experienced in dealing with the basic problems on behalf of the employer Quantity Surveyor is essentially a cost expert or as a cost controller whose prime task is to ensure that the project is kept within the agreed budget which has been signed in contract document and important is to make sure that the employer obtains value for money Seeley 1997 pg40

Moreover QSBC 2009 also discussed that Quantity Surveyor is a professional who are usually working within the construction industry The role of Quantity Surveyor is to manage and to control the costs of the particular construction projects and may be involving the use of range of management procedures and technical tools to achieve the goals

From difference sources there is difference method to interpreted or discussed of roles of Quantity Surveyor And then the definition of the role of Quantity Surveyor should be known By referring to RICS Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors 1983a pg1 which stated that In the 1971s report the role of Quantity Surveyor was defined as ensuring that the resources of the construction industry are utilized to be the best advantage of society by providing inter alia the financial management for projects and a cost consultancy service to the client and designer during the whole construction process In addition the distinctive competence of the Quantity Surveyor is a skill in measurement and valuation in the construction field in order that such work can be described and the cost and price for the particular project can be forecast defined analyzed planned under controlled and accounted for

Quantity Surveyor

A Quantity Surveyor is key professionals in the construction sector or industry Quantity Surveyors always act as a cost Engineer cost Planner or cost Controller A Quantity Surveyor is specializes in estimating the value of the construction project works Quantity Surveyors will use their skills to do the taking off quantity of the propose building and determine the cost of building work ranging from small refurbishment works through to assessing the value of multimillion money construction project

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