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Band Overview Of Linkin Park Music Essay

Linkin Park has been among the worlds most famous rock bands They have been known for their uniqueness with the type of music they are playing They eventually became very famous with the release of their debut album titled Hybrid Theory in year 2000 which sold out 48 million copies that made it achieve platinum for ten times They were named as the Best Hard Rock or Metal Band of the year

The Members

Chester Bennington

He is the vocalist and the song writer of the band He was born and grew up in Phoenix Arizona He is short and lanky and he usually wears black horn rimmed glasses And he changes his hair color and style frequently He really has high range of voice thats why he can produce high pitched sounds which is very noticeable on him Most of the songs of the band were trademarked with his screams Biography Base

Rob Bourdon

He is the drummer and the youngest member of the band He was born an grew up in Calabasas California His mother was friends with Joey Kramer who was the drummer of the band Aerosmith So he started playing drums after he had watched an Aerosmith concert He had his first band around the age of nine LP Association

Brad Delson

He is the lead guitarist and was known to be one of the founding members of the band He was born in Agoura California He was actually a Jewish He usually wears large earphones on stage The first instrument he learned to play was the trumpet During his college days he named himself as Big Bad Brad Biography Base

David Phoenix Farrell

He commonly called Phoenix and he is the bassist of the band He was born in Plymouth Massachusetts He knows how to play electric guitar bass guitar violin and cello His first band was Tasty Snax which is a Christian punk band

Joseph Mr Hahn

He was commonly known as Mr Hahn He was a turntablist and director best known as the DJ and sampler of the band He was considered ad the most creative member of the band He was born in Dallas Texas He was the first Korean to receive a Grammy Award when Linkin Park won the Best Hard Rock Performance Award in 2002 He directed some of the videos of their band like Numb From the Inside Somewhere I Belong and many more LP Association

Mike Shinoda

He was the rhythm guitarist keyboardist vocalist songwriter rapper of the band He was born in Agoura California He started writing songs in his 9th grade He was the one who designed the album for the Hybrid Theory cover IMDB


First Years

Linkin Park was originally composed of three members Mike Shinoda Brad Delson and Rob Bourdon They met during their high schools in Agoura High School They were considered as the foundation of the band After they finished their high school degree they focused their selves in their music career They started recruiting new members and they were Joe Hahn Dave Farrell more commonly known as Phoenix and Mark Wakefield They named their band Xero The first recording they made was in 1996 Though they lack funds in order to afford recording and producing singles they still continue working things out in Shinodas makeshift recording studio Unfortunately the first recording they produced made no deal This brought them frustration and much discouragement to pursue their music career Due to this unfortunate event their current vocalist that time Wakefield left the band to search for other projects After sometime Farrell also left the band in order to play with Tasty Snax and rock bands

After some considerable time searching for an alternative to Wakefield the band recruited Chester Bennington from Arizona as their new vocalist Bennington was referred in March 1999 by Jeff Blue the VP of Zomba Music He was a former member of Grey Daze He was accepted in the band because of his unique style in singing The band name Xero was changed into Hybrid Theory The band experienced great revival since the superb chemistry between Bennington and Shinoda began Because of this revival they were inspired to make a new album

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