Bauhaus architecture and functionalism

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Bauhaus architecture and functionalism


From the expression Bauhaus we still feel something fresh In every day speech it is associated with the beginning of the modernism and it is invoking in us association with basic forms square triangle and circle basic colours red yellow and blue furniture from the metal white architecture and functionalism History of the small school that Bauhaus was is a mixture of facts and interpretation from different sources But Bauhaus was the phoenix that every generation understands differently

For us Bauhaus is a symbol of rationalization and modernity of lifestyle where we cannot find any unnecessary comfort At the same time it is an enemy for the conservative culture

We can say that Bauhaus has been connected with left wing all the time For Nazi Germany Bauhaus was culturally Bolshevik international and Jewish But Nazis used the modern devices of the Bauhaus very often Almost all members of the Bauhaus emigrated and lot of Jewish relatives were killed In German Democratic republic where the main school Weimar and Dessau was established Bauhaus was denied till sixties After that they started to integrate it to their cultural heritage On other hand for the Federal Republic of Germany Bauhaus was the main part of modernism

A Graphic design of Bauhaus acknowledges this historical concept and invites readers to take a fresh look at the facts about typography and advertising and printing workshop at the Bauhaus school It is for the first time in ninety years after establishment of the most successful art academy of twentieth century the Graphic design of Bauhaus which brings together works of graphic design from three different schools of Bauhaus located in Weimar Dessau and Berlin The team has brought the numerous treasures of the collections of the masters such as Laszlo MoholyNagy Joost Schmidt and Herbert Bayer

We wish that the readers will enjoy A Graphic design of Bauhaus and they will focus and concentrate on the creativity of the Bauhaus

Historical evolution

When the Germany was established in 1871 it experienced change from the agrarian state into industrial The reform artists of secession from Darmstadt Munich and Dresden brought to Germany movement of Arts and Crafts from England which was actually an opposition to industrialization The new school that was set up in that period was characterised by different workshops the most famous schools were Art school in Munich and Art and craft school in Weimar set up by Henry van de Velde in 1908 In 1907 Deutcher Werkbund Union of German art which conciliated between capitalism and culture was set up in Munich

In 1910 Walter Gropius became a member of Deutcher Werkbund where he organized an exhibition of industrial works and during that time he gained a lot of experience for leading Bauhaus school

During the war Gropius was very good leader and during that fouryear period he was very quickly promoted to embarkation officer After the war in 1919 he continued his discussion with Velde about his succession When he returned to Saxony the School of art was closed and the only school that existed there was School of arts and crafts He wanted to unite both schools and both schools accepted it This was his first step for the Bauhaus school

Architects painters sculptors we must all return to crafts For there is no such thing as professional art There is no essential difference between the artist and the craftsman The artist is an exalted craftsman By the grace of Heaven and in rare moments of inspiration which transcend the will art may unconsciously blossom from the labour of his hand but a base in handicrafts is essential to every artist It is there that the original source of creativity lies

Let us therefore create a new guild of craftsmen without the classdistinctions that raise an arrogant barrier between craftsmen and artists Let us desire conceive and create the new building of the future together It will combine architecture sculpture and pai

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