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Beijing Capital International Airport Development Project Construction Essay

1 This guideline has been prepared as an evaluation and condensation of a full environment impact assessment EIA of the proposed Project Beijing Low Cost International Airport PLCA which will be prepared for the Government by the consulting group of the Faculty of Economics and Management Universiti Putra Malaysia following China Government guidelines by The Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Peoples Republic of China formally known as Chinas State Environmental Protection Administration SEPA and the methodologies described in Environmental Assessment Requirements and Environmental Review Procedures of the Asian Development Bank 1993 and Environmental Guidelines for Selected Infrastructure Projects 1990 The objective of the EIA is to ensure that environment aspects are addressed and potential problems are foreseen at the appropriate stage of project design Hence at the preliminary level a coordinator is selected for the EIA to collect detail background information The EIA report would be based on i the Project feasibility study prepared by Airways Engineering Consultants under Bank technical assistant TA ii discussions with principal authors of the above documents iii field visits to the Project site and local government capital and iv discussions with local government and pertinent National Government officials with environmental responsibilities

2 The methods used to carry out the EIA for impact identification included

i review of available literature

ii meetings with National and local government officials

iii site visits to the PLCA and surrounding areas

iv discussions with inhabitants near the site via door to door survey

v ambient noise and air quality and surface water quality sampling and testing in the field and in the laboratory and

vi application of professional knowledge and experience

3 Besides the EIA would require a baseline study on data and impact evaluation assessment documentation decision making and post audits that incorporates the results and conclusions in the report of the EIA


4 The rapid economic growth in China has led to the increase numbers of demand for air transport service consumer in both passengers and cargo Being located at the capital of the Peoples Republic of China the flourish of tourism sector business and cargo service had caused the current capacity of Beijing Capital International Airport PEK registered 653 million passengers and achieved 1420997 tonnes of cargo traffic in year 2009 which ranked the 3rd and 14th busiest in international respectively It has reached an efficiency score since year 2006 till now Andrew Yuen Zhang 2009 However the PEK which has three terminals can only handle 78 million passengers per year At the same time since the projection for passenger capacity in 2012 would reach more than 90 million it would be over congested in just round the corner The current alternative or nearest international airport available is Tianjin BinHai International Airport however it is located too far 160km from Beijing While the nearby Beijing Nanyuan Airport NAY located north to Daxing is owned by military and serves as a middle cost domestic airport that capable of handling only 12 million passengers per year hence it is viable to look for a new destination to build an international airport that in future might accommodate the airlines currently using NAY Strategic locality might be one of the factors that passengers are generally still prefer to land at PEK due to time and cost convenient Besides the design of PEK cannot accommodate airbus A380 Hence it is urgent to look for a new suitable location to build a new airport that is schedule for completion in year 2015 to cater the future demand

5 Previously there was suggestion that the major difference between the current and new Beijing airport to segregate into either serving the local or international market so that there would be no overlap However it had

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