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Benefits To Revising The Building Regulations Construction Essay

The world evolves in front of our eyes each and every day As such our needs as humans are constantly changing and with it new methods and technologies must be developed to continuously meet these standards that we have become accustomed to

Revisions to the building regulations aim to tighten the building standards and increase the comfort for the inhabitants of new buildings With the global concern over rising CO2 emissions the explosion of the worlds population it is important to protect what countryside and rural areas we have left In doing so tackling the existing stock of buildings and brownfield sites is the only option available to builders in order to meet housing quotas and projected CO2 emission reductions

This as important as it may be comes with several red flags and limitations Brownfield sites require a number of tests and decontamination measures in order to prepare them for construction Once the site has been given the green light providing the building regulations are adhered to the development will satisfy any building control inspector assigned to the site

In addition to brownfield sites it is important include the refurbishment of existing buildings when considering the rejuvenation of an area This more often than not can prove a difficult and complicated task This is due to a number of issues relating to the age location and type of building For example tenement buildings Victorian townhouses and Georgian terraced houses due to their age are more likely to have been built with low building standards and consequently will not meet the thermal requirements of modern housing This in turn has a negative effect on the energy rating of these particular type dwellings resulting in exorbitant annual running costs

This essay aims to address the sustainable building methods that can be adopted in order to refurbish and increase the thermal performance of the run down Camperdown House West GateLodge at Camperdown Country Park in Dundee Scotland This is a typical case study the methods outlined in this essay are relevant to any proposed refurbishments or renovations

20 Camperdown House West GateLodge Camperdown Country Park Dundee Scotland

21 Building Location and History

As the name suggests the West Gatelodge is located at the West gate entrance to Camperdown Country Park in Dundee Camperdown Country Park is a 400 acre estate surrounding Camperdown House a neoclassical house built in 1828 for Robert Dundas HaldaneDuncan the 1st earl of Camperdown and the son of Admiral Duncan The estate is named after the battle of Camperdown where Admiral Duncan triumphed over the Dutch fleet in 1797

In recent years the running of the park has been taken over by the Dundee City Council who have opened it to the public It is now home to over 300 animals in Dundees largest wildlife park and adventure centre There is also a championship 18 hole golf course situated within the grounds This course has been described in the national press as being one of the Magnificent 7 courses in Carnoustie Country

Figure 211 Camperdown Country Park Entrance Figure 212 Manor House

The West GateLodge itself is a possible remodelling of an earlier 18th century cottage The building is rectangular on plan with a small porch off the south elevation There are two off centre windows on each of the long elevations and a door in each of the gables The roof is slate with decorative overhanging barge boarding Protruding through the roof at the rear of the building is a tall square chimney stack built into the boundary wall

The external walls are constructed with random rubble This is the traditional art of building with stone It uses stones that are not squared but are of irregular sizes and bedded on mortar or other suitable bedding material An inspection of the gate lodge discovered sketching and designs on a stone contained in the external wall

Further examination discovered that this was part of an old Pictish Stone Pictish

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