Bidding for Event Management

Bidding for Event Management


Western Australian Football League WAFL was first established in 1885 and is based in Perth Western Australia WAFL is partnered with the seven network and sponsored by McDonalds WAFL currently has nine teams competing in a 24 rounds season which commences in March and concludes in September each year The 2017 grand final will be played on the 23rd September at the Domain in Perth The celebrity singer proposed to perform four of her most popular songs at the 2017 grand final is the RB and pop singer Jessica Mauboy Jessica Mauboy will also attending the preevent activities including meet and greet and promotional events Jessica Mauboy is one of Australias most successful female artists that rose to fame after competing on the television program Australian Idol Attendance at WAFL has dropped in recent times however the largest crowd was during the 2010 grand final with 24638 spectators Jessica Mauboy popularity will be utilised to not only promote the WAFL but to increase attendance of spectators with a maximum capacity of 43500 The event will be televised on the seven network and broadcast throughout western Australia on several radio stations

Executive Summary

The following report indicates on how the event WAFL Western Australian Football League will deliver the celebrity performance The event of music concert will take place in the WAFL stadium only before and along with the matches Taking place in Perth on 23rd of September 2017 the WAFL will have a huge amount of spectators The celebrity will be invited to add an extra buck of fun along with the increase in the number of spectators

The report draws the attention towards the information on who that celebrity is going to be and all the related tasks those would be included in hiring the celebrity Along with this the report includes the information on what is it going to cost to hire the celebrity and conduct the whole event while taking the safety and quality into considerations The main problems and their solution will also be discussed in the following report moreover the further considerations to the risks involved and their ultimate solutions are also included in the report Along with this information the report also reflects the detailed information on other minor and subprojects those are going to be dependent upon this project The report evaluates every possible aspect related to the event and the event related persons or stakeholders


The objective of the project is to win the bid for the logistics event management and coordination for the event at the 2017 WAFL Grand Final Once achieved the objective is to organise a smoothrunning successful event with Jessica Mauboy performing at the WAFL Grand Final Another objective is to increase the maximum number of attendance which is within budgets and satisfies all stakeholders needs and expectations

Target Outcomes

The target is to sell at least 85 of capacity which is 36975 tickets sales This can be measured on the total attendance rate

The target is to meet budgets and success can be measured on the actual expenditure vs budgeted costs

The goal is to achieve at least 100 satisfaction rate in regards to the entertainment This goal can be measured through customer surveys and data can be captured from any complaints

How will the success of the project be measured
Customer Satisfaction
Within the budget
Deliver on time

Successful and profitable event
Excellent time management
Planning and executing event in such a way that guest enjoy being at the event
Proper management of manpower
to be investigated further

Governance who is going to be responsible if the event fail

The WAFC attempted a complete audit of its administration techniques to guarantee that best practice frameworks and procedures were consolidated in basic leadership
Commissioners roles and duties
Board execution and performance
Committees Terms of Reference
Delegation of

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