BIM Fine Management Perspective

BIM Fine Management Perspective

Under the current development trend of BIM fine management Perspective

Keywords Fine perspective trends BIM model building and analysis

AbstractCorporate Training is well planned and organized and implemented a systems engineering needs The application of the refinement of management thinking to corporate training work training can effectively improve the quality and reduce the cost of training This article is the idea of fine management application to build enterprise training system so clear responsibilities standardize processes improve the system strict implementation of effective monitoring rapid and timely corrective feedback to ensure that the training implemented Our brief case BIM applications China summed up the Chinese scholars to address the many recommendations hinder BIM application Applied economics principles and methods of analysis of hazards and their impact on the external application of BIM BIM applications Establish a complete information dynamic game model between government and enterprises and study the economic incentives BIM applications Suggested that the central government should take a supplyside oriented incentive parallel phased BIM application of economic incentives to achieve different participants at different stages using different economic incentive programs


The development of technology for building information modeling BIM and the application in the civil engineering industry prompting BIM technology and software into the university classroom to meet the needs of the industry Our school of civil engineering professional use taskdriven approach innovation in undergraduate training programs participate BIM class competition graduation design teaching introduced BIM technology guided independent learning BIM family of software and achieved good results Based on the above procedure Seeing discussed BIM technology in civil engineering teaching

Building Information Modeling BIM is based on the relevant information and data as a basis for building projects model building model were established and true information through digital information simulation building has It has visualization coordination simulation optimize and may be showing of five characteristics BIM technology to promote a model using digital technology to achieve a new concept of the project lifecycle management and its advantages in intelligent digital information models and associated terms for all parties involved in the construction project has created an easy exchange of information platform thereby increasing productivity in the construction industry In recent years BIM technology has been in the construction industry in a wide range of applications and achieved good results in the construction of demonstration collision detection construction management and other aspects and to some extent shorten the construction period reducing the project cost and improve quality of the project is a new trend in the future in the construction industry

With BIM technology in China to promote the construction industry many colleges and universities are involved in the teaching and application of BIM technologies The largest 2D and 3D design and engineering software company Autodesk AUTODESK in the country trying to promote its BIM software such as Revi t Navi swork Our school in civil engineering specialty teaching taskdriven approach undertaken by BIM application of innovative undergraduate training program to encourage undergraduates to participate in structural BIM series of competitions such as the Revi t cup cup Brownsville in the Graduation Project the introduction of BIM etc to stimulate student interest guided independent learning BIM software combined with the professional be applied In the professional conduct of the past three years the effect is more obvious won the second prize Brownsville Cup Group Beijing structural competition first prize Graduation design BIMrelated topics reached more than 50

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