BIMBased 3D Reconstruction Technology

BIMBased 3D Reconstruction Technology

Optimization Model of BIMbased threedimensional reconstruction technology and engineering model of visual perception

Keywords Threedimensional reconstruction visual perceptual model engineering optimization modeling analysis

AbstractVisionbased reconstruction is still there is a big limitation Through its researchbased approach introduces the primary visual threedimensional reconstruction techniques advantages and disadvantages of various methods were compared it is desirable in this area can have a more comprehensive grasp to further clarify the direction of future research In order to improve the efficiency of the design and construction of bridge engineering building information modeling BIM is introduced into the bridge project in the past By analyzing the characteristics of bridge design and construction and the problems proposed bridge design and construction BIMbased optimization solutions including preliminary design optimization optimization of construction design construction process optimization optimization of the construction schedule and construction management optimization combined with practical engineering project the applicability and effect analysis Case application shows BIM Bridge Project is applicable can provide effective support for the bridge design and construction thereby reducing rework and improve efficiency The study may be large or complex bridge engineering BIM improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the design and construction of reference


The relevant information and data building information model is based on building projects as the basis for the model building model were established by the real information of the digital information simulation building has it has the visibility coordination simulated sex optimality and showing of five characteristics The BIM technology in the field of bridge engineering construction is currently in the early stages preliminary exploration in the design construction and postoperation maintenance and repair of the entire life cycle of how to use BIM technology to improve design efficiency improved design quality strengthen the construction organization and post operations management specific method and the application of BIM technology can bring benefits hoping to BIM in bridge engineering to develop ideas

In recent years domestic construction projects in the field of nonBIM is none other than the hottest technology in the construction industry has achieved good results after the application the state began to vigorously promote the railway highway water conservancy and hydropower industry application of BIM technology in fields such as engineering and bridge engineering in the construction field and a large proportion especially highspeed railway mountain railway roads bridges often accounting for a larger significance in bridge engineering applications BIM technology on the entire major project the paper will design three stages of construction operation and maintenance of the latter part of the project life cycle are the practical application of research needs and the effect of BIM technology

In recent years should the needs of economic development large extra large bridge project more and more such as China Hangzhou Bay Bridge the Hong KongZhuhaiMacao Bridge which bridge design and construction of a higher requirement Bridge construction project not only involves complex geographical environment and involves a number of complex projects the most typical is the Steel Bridge Currently the design of large bridge projects usually rely on the traditional twodimensional drawings and graphs to analyze the design by closing existing in conflict construction planning is largely dependent on the experience of project managers to develop and implement and is also a twodimensional drawings to show However since the bridge project their own characteristics its design complexity component many rely solely on the traditional twodimensi

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