Building Failure Caused By Primary Parties

Building Failure Caused By Primary Parties

Building failure can be some part of building cracking occur more seriously will bring building collapse Building collapse will carry the risk of human injure or deaths For example buildings and structures all around start falling This causes many people to get hurt many of them fatally because of the impact of falling material Or in high rise buildings people themselves might fall from higher floor thus getting hurt due to the impact of fall Buildings with glassfacades are especially dangerous as glass being brittle would tend to crack with smallest deformation of the frame And worse glass being very heavy has a very high impact on hitting somebody And then glass shards have a tendency to go inside the skin and cause damage to internal organs Sanjay Churiwala and Naveen Gabrani nd In addition building collapse results in property damage and functionality inadequate It also needs to spent time on cleanup repair cost losses and so on to get the facility up and running again

Building that causes fail may due to numerous of reasons that may not be easy predict before or during the construction The analysis shows the general causes of building tend to failure that include unwise landuse and defective in designs which are arise at preconstruction phase and those construction and operational error which arise at during construction phase Errors appear from preconstruction and during construction phase has the greatest potential influence on a projects final outcome

Building failure may occur due to three parties involved Consultant Contractor and Developer Owner The Consultants and Contractors had given insufficient of control and supervision of site operation and the quality control More that owner also is the one who are required to give cooperate and any assistance with Consultants and Contractors to completed the construction project According to Mohammed Azad Hossain 2009 such errors ultimately lead to a situation which may involve such failures which are related to excavation and equipment inappropriate sequencing not enough temporary support unnecessary structure weight untimely taking away of shoring or formwork and nonconformance to design objectives

Problem Statement and Research Question

Failures have been found in various types of the buildings Failure in buildings built any time the last 25 years some as recently as the last couple of year Steve 2008 A total of 225 building failure in Unites States and the result show that the building failure of low rise building constitutes about 63 of all cases followed by multistorey building as a distant second and this has been established by Kumalasari Wardhana and Fabian CHadipriono 2003 Building tend fail are depending on materials designs environmental conditions method of construction and which the building is put of the use to etc

Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Stadium is a new multi purpose stadium in Kuala Terengganu Malaysia which was constructed by South Korean construction firm On July 3 2009 a major part of the roof construction collapsed The major cause such stadium collapsed has been identified are failure by design and materials used rush development and undersupervised

Aims and Objectives

The aim in this dissertation is to study and analyse the building failure and to find out the factor that causing building failure by three parties involved in construction industries The objectives are

1 To study the factor that caused building failure by Contractor

2 To undertake the factor that caused building failure by Consultant and

3 To determine the factor that caused building failure by Developer Owner

Scope of Study

The scope of study emphasizes on the building failure and factors that causing by three parties involved in Construction industries which are Consultant Contractor and Developer Owner

Research Methodology

Research Methodology is the way in which the research objectives can be questioned There are two types of research st

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