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Building Information Modelling Analysis Construction Essay

Building Information Modelling BIM allows constructing a building virtually in a detailed form During the design phase the materials that will make up the finished structure including concrete slabs rebar steel structure wall and ceiling components HVAC plumbing and electrical can be selected and placed But tests can be carried out to ensure everything will come together without a glitch The 3D building model can be used to analyze the designed buildings energy efficiency by running scenarios to determine the best of possible solutions In addition depending on the detail of the model you can automatically take off all items contained in the model and that way produce an impressively precise estimate The software and database management technology exists today to accomplish exactly this The degree of collaboration and coordination between the various construction disciplines that BIM calls for has to be bought into notice Not only the owners and architects but engineers contractors and ideally subcontractors as well need to be involved in the project from the outset in other words during the design of the building This of course invariably means some form of designbuild rather than the currently prevailing designbidbuild process BIM is an entirely new way of looking at the design and construction of a building Many quarters are hailing BIM as the solution to most if not all construction industry ills solving both design and construction problems while also providing a complete 3D building model as a property management facility upon completion of the project


The concepts and methodologies of BIM date back as far as 30 yearsand then primarily within the manufacturing and aerospace industries BIM as design and construction term was introduced about 15 years ago to set the thenemerging informationrich architectural computer3D modelling apart from traditional and mainly paperbased 2D design and drawing BIM intended to assign both software approach and method of designing and constructing a building by the use of highly coordinated and internally consistent computable information about the building all the way from conceptual design through construction to post construction and asset management A correctly assembled BIM is a reliable digital three dimensional virtual representation of the project to be built for use in design and in construction document production scheduling planning performance predictions and in cost estimates Threedimensional demonstration of a centralized database containing all items that will consist of the actual building including their location dimension relation to other items composition and cost in a digitally interpreted environment for engineers and architects Assumption is done in such a way that all the input is accurate and resolves the builder in an easy assimilated view of the intact representation its interrelations and of any positional issues And most importantly it will also provide the information and the understanding necessary to resolve positional conflicts and other issues during the design phase rather than later on the building site


BIM is composed of several data involving legal geospatial financial designer owneroccupier sustainers Specifier and environmentalist data

Fig 1 Components of BIM

Key features of BIM includes

Ability to hasten designtobuild including starting projects from preapproved project templates supplier management and virtual commissioning designed to accelerate project execution

3D visualization of the logical definition and the complete 3D physical definition together in an environment to simulate and analyze equipment positioning and clash detection

Information management of all types of enterprise data including contracts compliance documents requirements manufacturing processes costing and procurement information

A global collaboration environment that enables full traceability knowledge reuses and pr

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