Building Of Nsanje Port On Shire Zambezi Waterway Construction Essay

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Building Of Nsanje Port On Shire Zambezi Waterway Construction Essay

Malawi is a landlocked country that relies on Mozambican ports on the Indian Ocean for transportation of imported and exported goods The project will open new doors for Malawi and reduce transport costs Currently Malawi uses Beira and Nacala port in Mozambique from which transporters cover a return distance of about 1700km from Blantyre Using Nsanje port transporters now will cover a distance of 238 km for a return journey to Blantyre as opposed to Beira port Reduction in transport costs may lead to reduction of other goods such as agricultural inputs This will be a benefit to the Malawians who depend on agriculture for their economy and it will also improve food security in the country

The project will also provide Malawi with a multimodal transport linkage to other land locked countries of Zimbabwe and Zambia the people of Nsanje district will be empowered socially and economically due to new infrastructure and markets that will be established to support the services of the port the visual scenery of Nsanje district will improve with the building of the port creation of temporary and permanent jobs time saving and reduction on wear and tear of vehicles due to reduced travel distance

Though the project will have positive effects but will also have negative impacts such as loss of fishing area and income for fishermen who used to fish along the shire river air and water pollution due to construction work that will take place on the site the project will affect the water species found along this area of the Shire river empowerment of people socially and economically may increase the spreading of HIV and AIDS as this districts already has high percentage of HIV patients due to cultural beliefs urbanization due to viable environment for small scale and large scale businesses natural visual scenery will be affected by new built structures risk to flooding along the Shire river conflicts with hosting communities and negative influences on religion and local culture


The project will be located at Nsanje District in Malawi Malawi is located between latitudes of 09 and 17 south and longitudes of 33 and 37 east Malawi is bordered by Zambia in the East Tanzania in the North and Mozambique in the South and West Nsanje District Assembly is found at the tip of Southern Malawi where Malawi shares borders with Mozambique It is at this place that the shire river passes along the boundary between Malawi and Mozambique flowing into Zambezi river and then to Indian Ocean through Chinned Port The site was selected because of the wider width of the river as it connects to Zambezi River offering a better place for the port Location map is shown in relation to the Shire River and location for the proposed port

Malawi Map showing location of Nsanje Imagery showing location of the port Shire River and Nacala corridor from Mozambique


In Malawi the Environmental Act enacted in 1996 provides the legal framework for the protection and management of the environment the conservation and sustainable utilization of natural resources EIA processes are outlined on section 24 of the Act to which all private and public developers must adhere to The Act has outlined projects for which EIA is mandatory before implementation of the project as gazetted in section 24 The section also stipulates all activities that must be carried out by the developer before any implementation The developer has to submit a project brief to the Environmental Affairs Department EAD who administers the environmental Act The Director assesses the project and is supported by expertise from the technical committee of environmental affairs TEC which participate in the Environmental Impact Assessment EIA requirements project briefs reviews Terms of Reference ToRs and EIA reports develop and monitor project auditing programme and recommended course of action to the Director though the director is not bound by the TEC report The act also stip

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