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Building Services Engineering Science Construction Essay

This essay will discuss the available green and advanced renewable technology systems to be used in new built extension the impact on Carbon footprint and effects on the thermal comfort for end users and discuses the building regulations apply

Building services system

Building services engineers provide the internal environmental conditions that enable business processes to function at an optimum level while providing comfort conditions for occupants to achieve their maximum performance potential CIBSE Choosing Building services

Designing a building services system is typically a great challenge for designer and the first element to consider is the client needs this is the key to provide satisfaction and value However clients relay on advisers to avoid spending great deal of time and effort and its vary from client to another and use of building therefore each and every client needs should be studied carefully clients should provide all necessary information in depth to the advisor to help him gain full understanding of what is the client business about and how the proposed project will enhance the business

Many researchers identified environmental factors provided to work force are fundamental to achieve good productivities specially in commercial or service environment they have reported relationships between air quality and factors such as speed and accuracy of work sick leave accidents and injuries and cost of product or service

Carbon footprint has become a popular name in political meetings media and almost in all commercials advertising for heating products and services but what is carbon footprint A good understanding of the carbon footprint and its effect on the environment should enable designers to understand the importance of selecting the most suitable system to fit the purpose of proposed building a definition for carbon footprint according to British Petroleum BP2007 the carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide emitted due to your daily activities

How the selection of building system will have effect on carbon footprint

The UK has passed legislation that introduces the worlds first longterm legally binding framework to tackle the dangers of climate change The Climate Change Bill was introduced into Parliament on 14 November 2007 and became law on 26 November 2008 The Carbon Plan published in December 2011 sets out the Governments plans for achieving the emissions reductions committed to in the first four carbon budgets on a pathway consistent with meeting the 2050 target This publication brings together the Governments strategy to curb greenhouse gas emissions and deliver our climate change targets as well as the updated version of our actions and milestones for the next five years replacing the draft Carbon Plan published in March 2011 Buildings are responsible of using nearly 40 percent of global energy and therefore they are major emitters of Co2 and other gases the main common types of end use in buildings are

Heating Ventilation and air conditioning systems

Water heaters


Computers data centres and electronic appliances

Refrigerators and all white goods

Research by Centre for Research in the Built Environment has revealed a significant amount of over estimating in the amount of internal heat gain in UK office design

The over design in building services system can lead to over sizing plant maintenance cost and surely increase in operating cost which leads to emitting extra carbon in to the environment as well as the under sizing could have same if not larger effect on carbon footprint as the demand for the source heat lightingetc will continue the satisfaction for the comfort not met will result in continues use of energy

Ground source heat pumps

The ground source heat pump system extracts heat from the ground where temperature will be warmer than the air in winter and cooler than the air in summer For this reason they are more efficient than ai

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