Case Study Architect Muhammad Rafiq Azam

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Case Study Architect Muhammad Rafiq Azam

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The purpose of indicting this particular essay is to understand architecture via language especially in term of vocabulary grammatical structure both physical and intellectual Through certain arrangement it carries message and communicates meanings

Rafiq Azam had been chosen as the target of analysis of self and architecture Muhammad Rafiq Azam is an awardwinning architect He is also a globally acclaimed architect of vernacular architecture from Bangladesh

Shatotto is an architectural studio led by Rafiq Azam which specialized in architectural aesthetics inspired by lush riverine landscape of Bengal delta and ancient architecture heritage of particular region

South Water Garden is a project by Shatotto which was being executed by Shatotto under the lead of Rafiq Azam It was an apartment building project which located at United Nations Road Baridhara diplomatic zone Dhaka Bangladesh It is a region not much an exception in term of green A lake and a narrow strip of green patch on the west of the plot is a fortune The built area of particular project is about 33600 square feet and had been cost about 576000 US dollar The particular project was owned by South Breeze Housing and had been completed in 2007

In analyzing and theorizing the south water garden imbued architecture quality in term of climatic condition architecture theory and factors of client culture and material as well the analysis depicted that
In term of climatic condition

Apparently Dhaka undergoes a drastically scorching climate which characterized as wet hot and humid climate as it has been categorized under koppen climate classification Dhaka has been determined as it possess of tropical savanna climate as well Furthermore the particular city also has a distinct monsoonal season In order to design a responsive building Rafiq Azam had to take account into Dhakas climatic conditions as premise First and foremost the orientation of building sun screening faade in response to climatic condition of Dhaka is necessarily required in order to reach the standard thermal comfort level in accord to human comfort Via the analyzing of South water Garden buildings plan orientation and building configuration as well it was obviously to identified and figured out that Rafiq Azams intention on creating a parallel configuration Via the particular array and permutations the parallel respective buildings blocks tend to act as protective screen in against to direct exposure to summer solstice and winter solstice during the noon Conclusively the southern block aids to shade the northern block during the winter solstice in contrary the northern block aids to shelter southern block during summer solstice The incorporation of two hundred square feet of green patch in front of the building on the east road and utilization of large tree and lake on the west as cooling device for the apartment buildings create a balanced interrelation with building configuration in opposing the unstable climatic conditions of Dhaka Simple interior is connected to beautiful lake and large trees on the west enabling the south east summer breeze flowing via the entire house Apart from that the intention of respective parallel blocks also enables itself to achieve optimal light density for residents daily activities Therefore sun path effects had been considered as primarily factor as it contributed much influences on buildings comfortability to live Tactics of Orifice consideration in response to prevailing wind and summer breeze is also a mean to achieve optimal cross ventilation in order to fulfill the human comfort level The south east and east prevailing wind flow through the house simultaneously drifting away the heat that gained inside the apartment aid to create

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